How Do I Uninstall ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2013 on Windows 8?

If you are suffering from the newly installed ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2013 , now you can use the following steps below to completely uninstall and remove it from your computer. Meanwhile, I also recommend you read this ZoneAlarm Antivirus + Firewall uninstall guide, which is completely covers ZoneAlarm PRO/Free Antivirus + Firewall 2013, ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall 2012 product. For more related guides like, please click on the link above.

How-To Steps:

    • Step 1: You need to save all your personal files and other opened browser windows / programs; do remember back up your system when youre about to manually make change to your system.
    • Step 2: Find and exit the following running main application. For more tips, please read the following pictures.

    • Step 3: Click OK on the following ZoneAlarm Browser Security if you re still running web tool(s).

    • Step 4: Open Control Panel on desktop; click Uninstall a program.
    • Step 5: Then I double click on the following ZoneAlarm Free Firewall on Uninstall or change a program list.

    • Step 6: Click on Uninstall button on the following ZA Free Firewall Uninstall.

    • Step 7: Click Yes to proceed with express un-install.

    • Step 8: ZA Free Firewall Uninstall will automatically remove its components for me.

    • Step 9: Click FINISH and then the following Yes to restart PC.

    • Step 10: Find the following iolos System Check 3.3 software in the programs list, then launch Uninstall/Change option for it.

    • Step 11: The following ZONEALARM System CheckUp will initialize deployment and more other items you reqested. Soon, the express un-install of it will complete.

    • Step 12: Now, you go on to remove the remaining ZoneAlarm Security Toolbar from your programs menu. To start the express install of it, you then launch the Uninstall option for that potentially unused toolbar program.

    • Step 13: Click the following OK button when ZoneAlarm Security Toolbar Uninstall informs you that “Browser restart is required to complete the uninstall process! Click Ok to uninstall and restart the open browsers now (.)”.

    • Step 14: Close the following ZoneAlarm Security Toolbar Uninstall: Com (Complete) window.

    • Step 15: If you do not wanna keep ZoneAlarm Do Not Track Add-on on your computer, then you can also launch Uninstall option for it to automatically remove it.

    • Step 16: Clicking on the Yes button above, the ZoneAlarm Do Not Track Add-on would be removed quickly, then you click OK to exit its uninstaller program.

    • Step 17: Now, open your installed browsers, Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, go to Home Page (page) section in it, you manually reset them if you do not like to use AVGs search option. For more tips, please check out the following screenshots.

    • Step 18: For experienced Windows users ONLY, you then manually find and clean those associated left over data in your system.

  • Step 19: If you cannot delete them, restart your PC again, run your Windows in Safe Mode, try the deletion option then. If you still have issues removing them, please review the detailed tutorial above.
  • Step 20: Youd better install another Windows protection to safeguard your privacy and system.You can also use other products from Check Point as followings.


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