The Week in Pictures (II)

1. Risky business

INFO: January 11, Lome, Togo, Grand Marche.

2. Box set

Info: Snow, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

3. Pat Weber

INFO: Sun City Poms, Del Webb, 1959, 72.4 years.

4. Leap of faith

INFO: Muslim, World Muslim Congregation, Tongi, Bangladesh.

5. Sandy Hook Elementary School

INFO: Jimmy Greene, Nelba Marquez-Greene, Nicole Hockley, Dylan Hockley, Edmond Town Hall, Newtown, Conn..

6. Halo Panopticon

INFO: Rawtenstall, John Kennedy, LandLab, East Lancashire, Groundwork and Rossendale Council.

7. Dust & Wind

INFO: Onslow, Western Australian, Tugboat, Brett Martin.

8. Kabul

INFO: Afghan, suicide bombers.

9. Ameca

INFO: Ameca, Mexico, shootout.

10. Serena Williams

INFO: Edina Gallovits-Hall, Australian Open, Melbourne Park.

Source, NBC

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