How do I uninstall and remove avast!s new antivirus program?

The following content would guide you properly uninstall the unwanted avast! Free Antivirus 7 from a Windows XP SP3 computer. Moreover, you may refer to it to get rid of the previous version of it, version 6.

To completely uninstall the Anti-Virus software from avast!, you need to do the following things: uninstalling its main application, uninstalling its required component, MS Visual C++ 2008, and uninstalling optional Google Chrome web browser and then reset your default web tool from your computer. Here are steps:

    • Logged on to your PC using the local administrator, you then save and close all your personal files and other running programs.
    • Find the following avast! program tray in Taskbar, you then right-click on it, enter avast! shields control; for more regular Windows end-users, you can choose the listed “Disable permanently” option on the menu.

    • You then select Yes option from the following Component stop window.

    • You then hit the Close button on the following avast® FREE ANTIVIRUS window.

    • Click start button on deskstop, then Control Panel.

    • Click the following Add or Remove Programs entry in the window.

    • Highlight the following avast! Free Antivirus program (289 MB), you then click on the Change/Remove button behind it.

    • Then you should see the following avast! FREE ANTIVIRUS Setup window, please select the provided Uninstall option from it. And then you click Next > button.

    • Please wait seconds while avast! FREE ANTIVIRUS Setup automatically retrieve the required information on your computer.

    • To continue uninstalling your unwanted avast Free Antivirus 7 program, you then choose the Yes option from avast! Uninstall below.

    • You need to wait few minutes while avast! FREE ANTIVIRUS Setup perform its express Uninstallation progress automatically.

    • You then may directly close the following Uninstall Survey, or you can also complete it.

    • I suggest that you choose the listed Restart option, and then click Finish button to reboost your system automatically.

    • Then you re-open Add or Remove Programs, click on the Remove button behind the following Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 item (10.19 MB).

    • Click Yes on Add or Remove Program to go on with default install procedure.

    • Then your Windows operating system will automatically configure the potentially unneeded Microsoft Visual C++ project.

    • For experienced friends there, you click start again, choose Search on the menu.

    • Click All files and folders on left pane.

    • Input [avast] in “All or part of the file name:” item; press the [Enter] key on your keyboard or the Search button to start your manual search.

    • Concurrently, you press [Windows] key + [R] key, type [regedit] in the following Run box, click OK then.

    • Well, you then type [avast] in “Find what:”, press your [Enter] or Find Next to detect and remove associated program leftovers in Registry Editor.

  • Save and reboot your system when you complete the manual deletion above.

P.S.: If you installed Google Chrome program, please see the following post to completely uninstall and remove it from your Windows.

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