How can I uninstall the unwanted RoboForm v7.8.6.5

Days ago, my friend Zoe sent me an e-mail, said she had forgot the password to the previously installed RoboForm v7.8.6.5. Well, to help her with this trouble, I first installed the said version in my VMware Workstation, and then reviewed the express install of RoboForm v7.8.6.5, and found the following official information, “A Master Password is used to secure all your passwords and other data stored within RoboForm. You will be asked to enter your Master Password to access your RoboForm data. Please memorize your Master Password. It cannot be recovered if forgotten. Why is a Master Password important?”; then I suggested that she should thoroughly uninstall and remove the current version of RoboForm; and reinstall it later on.

To manually complete the express install of RoboForm, please review and then share the following steps:

1. Log on to your computer as administrator, if you then find the following RoboForm tray icon in Taskbar, please right click on it, choose the gray Exit option on the menu.

2. Click OK on the following RoboForm window, “RoboForm Taskbar Icon will now close. Without its taskbar icon RoboForm will not attach to MSN, AOL, Yahoo and other browser based on IE. To start taskbar icon later, select Start -> Programs -> AI RoboForm -> TaskbarIcon. Do you want to close RoboForm Taskbar Icon? (additional option) Do not show this message again”.

3. Close the following Home RoboForm Editor.

4. You have the following options for express RoboForm installation:

Option 1: Run RoboForms uninstaller program.

  • Click Start, enter All Programs; and then enter the following RoboForm entry on the menu.

  • Run the listed Uninstall option with a cross.

  • Add the additional removal option for the created “Passcards, Identities, Safenotes (RoboForm User Data) from this computer”; then click OK on Uninstalling RoboForm.

  • Click Yes from the following RoboForm Installer.

  • Close the following “RoboForm has been uninstalled.” survey page.

  • Save and restart your PC.

Option 2: Windows Control Panel

  • Enter Control Panel on Start menu.
  • Click Add or Remove Programs.
  • Locate the following RoboForm 7-8-6-5 (All Users) project (29.82MB), Click Remove button on it.

  • Review steps above to finish the automatic removal progress of RoboForm.

Option 3: If you cannot find RoboForm saved in Add or Remove Programs / Programs and Features

  • Enter the following folder, “C:\Program Files\Siber Systems\AI RoboForm”
  • Find and run the following rfwipeout application.

5. Please note that you may need to check and then reset your currently installed web browsers. Why? See the following Install RoboForm RoboForm Start Page, “NEW Would you like to make RoboForm your Start Page? Youll be able to login to your favorite sites directly from your Start Page. (Option) Yes, Make RoboForm My Start Page (Recommended) I understand that I can easily change my Start Page back at any time.”

6. You may also find the new Home Page (in Mozilla products), URL, “”.

7. Similarly, in the following Internet Options, you may detect the new Address for it.

8. For advanced Windows users ONLY, you may manually find and clean RoboForms leftover files and registry entries in your system. Good luck!

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