The Steps for Lavasoft Personal Security 10.4 Removal

If you encountered the unexpected Deadscreen issue while you tried to uninstall or downgrade the new Lavasoft Personal Security software, you may review or follow the steps below.

To completely delete the previously installed Lavasoft Personal Security 10.4, you need to remove the following items on your computer:

    • In Add or Remove Programs
      • Ad-Aware Antivirus (37.16MB)
      • Ad-Aware Security Add-on (4.59MB)

    • If you have Windows Internet Explorer 6, or other versions of it, you may need to remove the following Address, “”, from IEs Home page section.

Methods for uninstalling Lavasoft Personal Security 10.4

1. If you’re running a trial version of Lavasoft Personal Security, you may first need to close the following Ad-Aware Free Antivirus + (Not Activated) window by launching the option “No thanks” on it.

2. Right click on the following Lavasoft real-time tray, letter A, in Taskbar. Run the Exit option at the bottom of the menu.

3. Click Yes on Ad-Aware Free Antivirus + (Not Activated) again.

4. Select the provided options below to uninstall your Lavasoft Personal Security suite:

  • Click start button, then enter All Programs and then the following Ad-Aware Antivirus folder on the list.
  • Run the following Uninstall Ad-Aware Antivirus.

Option 1:

  • Click the Next > button on the following Ad-Aware Antivirus InstallShield Wizard.

  • If you want to re-install it at a later date, please enable the following highlighted options to keep the created & downloaded personal settings and threat definitions on your computer; otherwise, you disable all of them, click Next > then.

  • You may need to wait few minutes for the following Ad-Aware Antivirus InstallShield to complete your requested actions.

  • You then can close the following “Were Sorry to see you go | Lavasoft Lavasoft” page directly.

  • Click Finish on Ad-Aware Antivirus InstallShield.

  • Click Yes on Ad-Aware Antivirus Installer Information to automatically reboot your computer.

  • Now, you open up Add or Remove Programs; click the Remove button behind the following Ad-Aware Security Add-on.

  • Select your installed language, then you click OK on Installer Language.

  • Click Next > button on Ad-Aware Security Add-on 2.2 Uninstall.

  • Save all your open browser window(s), click Uninstall then.

  • You then may click Finish; moreover, you add “Uninstall Ad-Aware Browsing Protection” option to Ad-Aware Security Add-on 2.2 Uninstall.

  • Close the following “Cannot find server” directly.

Option 2:

  • Open up the following Add or Remove Programs.
  • Launch Change option for the listing Ad-Aware Antivirus.
  • After you complete the default installation of Lavasoft Personal Security, then you can go on to uninstall Ad-Aware Security Add-on using the provided Remove option.

5. Take the quick steps to restore your Internet Explorer program:

  • Run your current version of Internet Explorer on your Windows.
  • For IE 6 users, you click Tools, then enter Internet Options.

  • Launch Use Blank option for IEs Home page item.

  • Click Apply and then OK. Shut down your IE window, re-open it to check out your modification.

6. For experienced end-users only, you might be able to manually clean all of Lavasoft traces in your system.

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