Review: Monthly Archive of Wikipedias Featured Pictures

1. Nanga Parbat (26,660 ft)

(Photograph: Waqas Usman)

2. National Union Party (Abraham Lincoln (left) and his running-mate Andrew Johnson)

(Lithograph: Currier and Ives, Restoration: Lise Broer)

3. Hurricane Bob (19 aug 1991; killed 17 people and caused $1.5 billion in damage)

(Photo: NOAA / Satellite and Information Service)

4. A Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera ()

(Photograph: Charles Lanteigne; Edit: Jjron)

5. Apollo 11 & Buzz Aldrin

(Photograph: Neil Armstrong)

6. Aurelia aurita

(Photo: Dante Alighieri)

7. Whirlpool Galaxy


8. Seagate HDD

(Photo: Eric Gaba)

9. Urgehal Metal Mean Festival

(Photo: Vassil)

10. an ancient Mexican calendar (Maya and Aztec)

Artist: A. de Leon y Gama; Restoration: Garrondo/Lise Broer

11. Battle of Churubusco (on August 20, 1847)

Artist: John Cameron; Restoration: Lise Broer

12. Hawaiian Islands

(Photo: Jacques Descloitres, MODIS team at NASA)

13. The Winters Tale

Engraver: J. P. Simon; Artist: John Opie

14. American Alligators

(Photo: Mila Zinkova)

15. NGC 1672

(Photo credit: Hubble Space Telescope)

16. Ministry of All the Talents by James Gillray

17. Project Excelsior (Joseph Kittinger)

(Photo credit: United States Air Force)

18. Jupiter

(Photo credit: Cassini orbiter)

19. pāhoehoe lava (Pu‘u Kahaualea, Hawaii)

(Photo credit: J.D. Griggs, USGS)

20. thermodynamic temperature

(Image credit: Greg L)

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