Support: Uninstalling the 2013 Version of AVG Premium Security

If you had performed the success express install of AVG Premium Security 2013, to completely uninstall it from your PC, you need to remove the following programs on your Windows:

(In Add/Remove Programs:)

  • AVG 2013 (95.71MB)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable 10.0.40219 (11.13MB)

(In your default web browser like Firefox Aurora or newer version of IE:)

  • AVG SafeGuard toolbar

 Now, please follow me to uninstall your new version of AVG Premium Security:

    1. Find and download other security program on your machine to replace this AVG Premium Security 2013. Save and close all your personal data.
    2. Now, you use your administrative rights to temporarily disable your current active Internet connection.
    3. Click start button -> click on the Control Panel entry on the menu.
    4. Open up Add or Remove Programs.
    5. Find the following AVG 2013 in Currently installed programs list; and then youd be able to click on the Remove button behind this unwanted Anti-Virus software by AVG company. 
    6. Then you have to wait seconds while you see the following Initializing installation window appeared. 
    7. Now you select the option Uninstall AVG. and click on the Uninstall button on the AVG 2013 Uninstaller below 
    8. To automatically uninstall the potentially unused AVG SafeGuard toolbar I mentioned above, you can add the install option of AVG Toolbar to AVG 2013 Uninstaller and then, you click Next > button. 
    9. Then you need to be patient when you see the following AVG LinkScanner?? 2013 Installer automatically performs your requested configuration. 
    10. See the following information, Comfiguration completed.? Then you click the Restart Now (recommended) button to reboot your system automatically; you may apply the Restart Later as well. 
    11. Then you may find the following AVG 2013 still remaining on your desktop. 
    12. Now, you have to repeat the steps above: Click the Remove button on the AVG 2013. And, you re-select the Uninstall option from the aforementioned AVG LinkScanner?? 2013 Installer
    13. Now, you select option Remove user settings for AVG LinkScanner?? 2013 Uninstaller and click Next >
    14. Well, you have to wait a while 
    15. You can directly close the following Were sad tp see you go page. 
    16. Click Restart Now (recommended) as you did above. 
    17. Afterwards, youd better remove the MS Visual C++ to completely uninstall the uninstalled AVG Premium Security 2013 suite. 
    18. You can keep the AVGs traces if you wanna reinstall other software by AVG at a later date. Or you need to cleanly remove them using a professional uninstall tool.

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