G Data InternetSecurity 2013 Uninstallation Guide

Do you have trouble uninstalling G Data InternetSecurity 2013? Then you can review my intructions below to get rid of this product from G Data.

    • You first log on to your computer as admin and then you save and close your files, apps and so on.
    • You find another antivirus software to replace G Data InternetSecurity 2013 and then you can turn off Internet connection.
    • Right click on G Datas real-time tray, G, in Taskbar, launch the option Disable monitor on the menu.
    • Normally, you press Windows Start button and click All Programs. And you enter the following G Data InternetSecurity 2013 folder and then you run the following Uninstall application, the default uninstaller for G Data InternetSecurity 2013.
    • Click Next > button on G Datas setup application below, G Data InternetSecurity 2013.
    • Select Remove option from G Data InternetSecurity 2013 and click Next > again.
    • Then you can click the Remove button to start the standard uninstallation procedure.
    • Please wait while G Data InternetSecurity 2013 is uninstalled. This may take several minutes.
    • If you wanna use the lower edition(s) of G Data product, like the ver. 2012 or v2011, you can save the optional G Data logs, settings and quarantined files and click OK on the G Data InternetSecurity window below.
    • Then you stand by and then, you check the option Restart computer now (recommended) and click Finish.


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