Uninstalling Apples Bonjour for Windows and Its Components

Some users just cannot uninstall the unwanted Bonjour and its installed components like QuickTime, iTunes. Why? The potentially active associated application process may have disabled your attempts to do so.

    • Save all your personal files, quit every application relating to the unneeded Bonjour for Windows like the following Apple Software Update. Morever, if youve accidentally installed the listing QuickTime and iTunes, you may launch Windows Installer (aka, Windows uninstaller utility) to remove them from your computer.

    • Click Windows XPs start and click the Control Panel entry.

    • Enter Add or Remove Programs entry and wait for seconds for your Currently installed programs list to display all the installed applications and Windows updates on your computer.
    • You can first launch the Remove option for the listing Apple Software Update application.

    • Click Yes button on the Add or Remove Programs window to proceed with your requsted operation.

    • Please wait while Windows configures Apple Software Update. Gathering required information; soon, that Apple Software Update item will be deleted from Add or Remove Programs list.

    • You click the Remove button next to the Bonjour application in the list.

    • Again, you simply select the Yes option from the following Add or Remove Programs to automatically remove your unused Bonjour for Windows.

    • Just stand by

    • Close Add or Remove Programs and Control Panel. Save and reboot your computer then. If youre new to Windows operating system, its NOT recommended that you find and delete its remaining traces that get left in C:\Windows\Prefetch and those in Registry Editor on your machine.

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