Antares Rocket

(Image: The Indian Express ltd.)

PREFACE: The Antares rocket, a two-stage launch vehicle 40 meters tall and 3.9 meters in diameter, is set to hit an orbit of 249 kilometers some 10 minutes after take-off. (AP).

The Antares rocket has ben rescheduled to blast into orbit Sunday after a second launch attempt expected Saturday was scrubbed because of upper-level winds.

If the third times the charm and all goes according to plan, the commercial rocket, being launched as part of a mission to resupply the International Space Station, should be visible to million of people from the Eastern Seaboard as far west as central Pennsylvania.

Orbital Sciences has released expected views of Antares from various vantage points.

In Maryland, DC and most other places on the east coast, the rocket is expected to rise no more than 10 degrees above the horizon. Thats roughly the height of an adults fist held at arms length. If you want to attempt to view the launch, seek an area with a clear view of the southeastern horizon.

– By Todd Richissin @ Patch


Orbital Sciences, one of two private US firms chosen by NASA to shuttle cargo to the International Space Station, will make a new attempt to launch a first test flight of its Antares rocket.

The new planned launch, which the company announced yesterday, came after an attempt was scrubbed on Wednesday because of technical problems.

(IMAGE: Peter B. de Selding, Space News)

– PTI : Washington @ The Indian Express ltd

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