If You Wanna Downgrade or Upgrade Mozilla Thunderbird

Well, some of ya folks may be new to the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird, or you wanna use it for security concern instead. Then you you may refer to the following actions to partly or completely remove your (old) Thunderbird:

  • Move and save your mails and other personal information you created in the bird.

  • Typically, you may be able to find and use Windows Remove option for your bird program, or just like the one below, Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.6 (x86 en-US). Then you can easily remove it by following the Mozillas setup wizards later on.

  • Or, you may search and run the following helper application, which is located in a file folder named uninstall. For W8, W7, and Vista friends, you may be prompted to acquire the Admin privileges to run Mozillas uninstaller I mentioned above.

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