UFO Or Not?!

(A Navy X-47B drone flies over the USS George H. W. Bush in the Atlantic Ocean on May 14, 2013.)

You have to think of the older people who have no concept of what a drone is, he says. They’ll see something flying around the neighborhood with an LED light on, and essentially they’re right. It’ll be an unidentified flying object for them.

Were putting together a training program for public safety officials to get them ready for those kinds of calls and for more serious calls about drones falling out of the sky and hitting cars in traffic, he says. I can guarantee that every 911 center in this country will see an increase in calls for UFO reporting.


Related: Policy on drone strike authorization doesn’t need to change, Defense official says

A senior Defense Department official said Thursday that the Pentagon sees no need to change the broad congressional authorization under which the military conducts lethal drone strikes against terrorist targets and estimated that the war with al-Qaeda could continue for up to two decades.

“At this point we’re comfortable with the AUMF as it is currently structured,” Assistant Defense Secretary Michael Sheehan said of the Authorization for the Use of Military Force passed by Congress in 2001. “Right now . . . it serves its purpose,” he said.


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