Instructions for A Clean Xfire Uninstall

A clean Xfire removal contains uninstalling Xfire, removing AVG toolbar, resetting browsers related settings and cleaning associated program traces. Learn more information if you need further help.

  • Right click on Xfires tray in taskbar and launch Exit Xfire command on the menu.

  • Run Windows Task Manager; go to Processes and, find and manually terminate the following ToolbarUpdater.exe in the list.

  • Hit start button and choose Control Panel on the menu.
  • Then click Add or Remove Programs.
  • Click Remove behind the Xfire 2.0 application.

  • Choose Yes from Xfire Uninstall below.

  • If you wish to reuse Xfire or other versions of it later, you can keep its Settings, Videos and Screenshots and Chat Logs on your computer and then, you click Next on the following Uninstall Components wizard.

  • Click OK.

  • Now, you can continue using the Remove option to uninstall the Xfire Codec (remove only).

  • Click Yes on the following Uninstaller Error alert.

  • You would encounter another Uninstaller Error, you may ignore it and re-check Add/Remove Programs later.

  • Save and reboot your system. Then you enter Currently installed programs list in Control Panel. Then you launch Windows Change/Remove option for the potentially unwanted AVG SafeGuard toolbar.

  • Select Remove the AVG toolbar and AVG Secure Search and click Next on the following AVG Secure Search wizard.

  • Please wait while AVG Secure Search and the toolbar are being removed.

  • Close Done button.

  • Restart your computer. Open and check your web tools.

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