In a story about evolutionary possibility grounded in scientific theory, experts reveal the natural history of mermaids and show us what they looked like, how they lived and how they could have evolved but remained hidden until now.

The mermaid looks to the rest of the pod before sacrificing his life to save the rest of the pod from the Megalodon shark.

A moment before the mermaid is swallowed by a megalodon shark after sacrificing his life to save the rest of the pod.

The mermaids and dolphins are en route to the sardine hunt.

At the sardine hunt mermaids and dolphins work together to catch fish.

Sandstone caves in Egypt hold the most ancient depictions of mermaids. Human creatures with tails, hunting with spears and nets are depicted on the cave walls.

Mermaid en route to hunt prey with a spear.

After giving birth, the mermaid swims at the surface with her baby.

The mother holds her new born out of the water as it takes its first breath.

The mermaids migrate with the whales from warm southern waters to the northern feeding grounds.

Early man left the forest and gathered along the coast.

Photo By Animal Planet

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