Google Glass, Can Save Your Life

Christian Assad, MD has taken the next step with Glass and developing a practical app that can turn Glass into a real life-saver. He recently profiles this application on his blog and I believe it’s an important turn of events that showcase just how technology can be applied to medicine and public health issues. Here’s how it presents the concept in his blog–Google Glass and augmented CPR:


1) Person walking, witnesses someone passing out (syncope)

2) Individual says “OK GLASS, CPRGLASS”
A) Instructions appear ABC (Assess Airway, Breathing and Circulation)
B) “OK GLASS, No Pulse!” (An algorithm developed by Hao-Yu Wu et al at MIT demonstrate how a normal camera can detect a pulse in a person with strong accuracy.) We are looking incorporate such algorithm aka (which will be open source) ”Eulerian video magnification” to CPRGLASS for 2 reasons;
1) Will help as an innovative method to assess if the compressions are adequate
2) Will be able to tell us if patient has regained pulse if we stop compressions, possibly, instead of even having to look for a pulse

By John Nosta @ LLC™

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