Remove Trojan:Win32/Reveton with VilmaTech Instructions

Brief Introduction of Trojan:Win32/Reveton

Trojan:Win32/Reveton has been confirmed as ransom Trojan gang that scam money through screen lock and cutting off Internet connection. Most of victims suffering from this kind of malicious Trojan and its variant could do nothing but pay for a fine obediently and reluctantly to get their computers restore.

This Trojan is usually installed in computer system by a drive-by download that victims automatically download malware from the Internet without knowledge. Some victims may agree to agreement without reading carefully so that malware take advantage of vulnerability of web system and download malware automatically with no permission when they browse a website. In other ways, Trojan:Win32/Reveton may enter in computer when victims open a compromised webpage or it likely comes along with image or file attachments of junk mails. When it successfully arrives in computer system, it appears as DLL files with random name and creates a shortcut under Windows Startup folders. Continue reading “Remove Trojan:Win32/Reveton with VilmaTech Instructions”

Get Rid of Winamp And Use a Safer Media Player

Users reported that Winamp cant open the radio on Windows 8 operating system, it even prompted they to install so-called Winamp toolbar and other malware like Sweetpacks which was hard to remove. Furthermore, and associated tech support will no longer available pas 12/20/2013. At this point, you should consider removing Winamp and use other music management program like Apple iTunes. Continue reading “Get Rid of Winamp And Use a Safer Media Player”

Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo Sites, Exceeding 2 Million Passwords Were Stolen

On December 5th, the Internet security firm Trustwaves SpiderLabs, laboratory reported, over 2 million users’ passwords from large social websites have been found on the server of Pony botnets Controller; the involved websites contain: Facebook, yahoo, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Odnoklassniki (the second social networking sites in Russia), etc.

According to the introduction of SpiderLabs, victims from the event is not accord with the previous report (about 1 million passwords), which only limited in Netherland. It turns up a problem all over the globe. However, the hackers only use the proxy servers in Netherland, so it cannot be sure which countries the victims come from.

It is reported, Pony botnets Controller is a Botnet Controller, which main purpose is to steal user’s login information from large social websites. SpiderLabs first discovered Botnet network on June 30, but only 0.65 million passwords being stolen at that time. This includes about 9, 0000 Facebook passwords, 2, 5000 Yahoo passwords and 2, 0000 Google passwords. Continue reading “Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo Sites, Exceeding 2 Million Passwords Were Stolen”