Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo Sites, Exceeding 2 Million Passwords Were Stolen

On December 5th, the Internet security firm Trustwaves SpiderLabs, laboratory reported, over 2 million users’ passwords from large social websites have been found on the server of Pony botnets Controller; the involved websites contain: Facebook, yahoo, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Odnoklassniki (the second social networking sites in Russia), etc.

According to the introduction of SpiderLabs, victims from the event is not accord with the previous report (about 1 million passwords), which only limited in Netherland. It turns up a problem all over the globe. However, the hackers only use the proxy servers in Netherland, so it cannot be sure which countries the victims come from.

It is reported, Pony botnets Controller is a Botnet Controller, which main purpose is to steal user’s login information from large social websites. SpiderLabs first discovered Botnet network on June 30, but only 0.65 million passwords being stolen at that time. This includes about 9, 0000 Facebook passwords, 2, 5000 Yahoo passwords and 2, 0000 Google passwords.

Along with the publicity of Botnet Controller’s source code, SpiderLabs had an in-depth study, which found that the a server of Botnet Controller stored over 2 million login passwords, respectively from Facebook, yahoo, Google, Twitter and Linkedin and other famous sites. Besides, there are 1.58 million web login passwords, 0.32 million Email account passwords and 4, 0000 FTP login passwords.

In addition, it needs to be point out that during those leaking user’s login passwords sites, the leading solution provider of ADP who is ranked 9th in the word industry, provides payroll services for the most of the fortune 500 companies and at least 0.62 million commercial organizations. The impact of password leak event for ADP Company remains unclear.

VilmaTech, the global PC support center suggestes that PC users should pay more attention when downloading freeware, clicking on the links from unknown resources and visiting potential risky website. The hijackers will inject Trojan into your computer and steal your social website account and even the financial information. From now on, VilmaTech Malware Research Lab has received a few of consultation from users that asking them to detect if their computers are safe or not. If anyone lost their Facebook or Twitter accounts, he/she can contact the online tech support service to get more help. It is highly recommended that people can subscribe the official blog of VilmaTech to read

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