Get Rid of Winamp And Use a Safer Media Player

Users reported that Winamp cant open the radio on Windows 8 operating system, it even prompted they to install so-called Winamp toolbar and other malware like Sweetpacks which was hard to remove. Furthermore, and associated tech support will no longer available pas 12/20/2013. At this point, you should consider removing Winamp and use other music management program like Apple iTunes.

    • Save all your personal info like playlist, media library and more.
    • Exit the client.
    • Then you can try using 3 options to remove the unwanted Winamp software:

Option 1 & 2: use Winamps own uninstaller, find and run one of the two items, see the following image for more tips.

Option 3: use Windows Control Panel.

    • Hit Uninstall on the following “Winamp Uninstall” wizard below. Note that you can still keep your user profile and other data on your computer if you wish to reuse it later.

    • Please wait while your request is being performed.

    • Hit Finish then reboot your device.

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