Stay Away from Sopplayer 3.8.3 for Windows to Aviod Ask Toolbar

This post can be used to uninstall the SopCast and its bloatware Sopcast Toolbar (Ask Toolbar by APN, LLC). Now, follow the steps:

    • To smoothly perform the standard removal, you first log out your SC account then exit the running SopCast client.

    • Use Task Manager to end the following 2 Offercast2902_SPC2_.exe processes.

    • You then can either use SopCasts own uninstaller or Windows uninstall option (aka, Add/Remove or Programs & Features) to continue the uninstall routine.

    • Select Yes from the below SopCast 3.8.3 Uninstall.

    • Wait while the standard uninstall is being processing. Exit the above Uninstall.

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