Half of American Shopping Malls Will Close Down in 10 Years

The Prospect of Online Shopping and Boutique Shops

From 1956 to 2005, over 1500 large shopping mall had been gone up in American. However, there was no new shopping center in the US since 2006. Nevertheless, there are about 1200 shopping center within the US. It is predicted that about 15% shopping mall will be closed down in 5 years and 50% will be disappeared in 10 years. In the year 2013, American online shopping has raised 14%, while the sales volume of the national retailing just added only 3%. Last September, totally over 0.12 billion customers surged up to online shopping and it hit a record of 1.46 billion USD. Here are the pictures from album Black Friday: The Collapse of American Shopping Mall by Seph Lawless, which shows the some abandoned malls in rural.

In 1977, famous thriller director George A Romero utilize a shopping mall to build a creepy “ghost town” which was full of empty and gloomy stores. After 30 years later, the scene of the move is coming true unwittingly in some malls in rural. Since last century, the prospect of shopping center has made shopping mall become a part of the American classical culture. But in a recent report by estate analysis company CoStar Group, it predicted that 15% shopping malls would wind up business in 5 years. A 50-year domination of malls to people’s consumption will end up. According to analysis, this is attributed to economic depression, the raise of online shopping, change of malls’ environment and then generation of new type of city mall.

From Blossom to Decline

As to the people who were in the golden age of shopping malls at the end of last century, they might think of “nosy” and “bright” when mentioning shopping mall, instead of “wintery” and “ruined”. The pictures of Black Friday: The Collapse of American Shopping show us the abandoned malls: the overgrown weeds, the empty and dirty halls, the out-of-service escalator, broken showcase and the collapsing ceiling. What’s most impressed may be Randall Park Mall, which was one of the biggest luxury mall in the 1970s and it used to be the gathering place to many American families on weekends. Its emergency even stands for the shopping culture in the US. The ghostly images from Seph Lawless not only display the dilapidated scene of malls but also dedicates the ramp up in American economy.

Half Will Be Disappeared in 10 Years

Analysts claim that the drop out of core stores in shopping malls make a big difference to shopping mall marketing. In 2010, retailer giant Sears closed down 305 stores due to the funding crisis. And Penney also indicated that they may close about 33 subbranches, which undertake the major part to appealing customers in shopping mall in the past. According to the report of The Internet,decline of shopping mall the entity space is associated to the raise up of virtual cyber space since 21th century. NRF data showed that sale volume of online shopping increased 14% last year and retailer just raised up 3%. “More and more shops swept to the internet and the necessary entity retailing space is becoming less than before.” Tim Wirth, analyst of London Adam Smith Research Institute, asserted that online shopping indicates the death of shopping centers. The change of shopping environment may be another factor. “Things has changed in 1990s. The majority customers of Cloverleaf is female, but they started to stay away from market due to the change of shopping environment, because there are many do-nothing young people now.” The managers of Cloverleaf said. Meanwhile, as the decline of traditional shopping center, boutique shops are emerging in the city center. McCue stated that the amount of luxury store is up 14.6% and outlets are also expanding. On the current situation, there were 11 outlets opening in the US in 2013. And the upmarket food market with delicate interior decoration and recreational facilities attract customers to go to the new type store from online shopping. Retailer consultant expert Howard forecast that half of shopping malls will disappear in 10 years within America. Jonathan Grancy the journalist of BBC expressed that the world is in the trend of consuming, but it came and then go. Maybe some time passed, the shopping mall just left the archaeological value just as we don’t know what’s the purpose of the Egyptian hieron. http://www.couponkoo.com/

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