Samsung is Likely To Release the First Head-Mounted VR Device Project Moonlight

Foreign technology website The Verge reported that Samsung is likely to release a head-mounted virtualized reality equipment Project Moonlight on the Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin, Germany on September 3, Galaxy Note 4 may also appear together.

According to the report, this helmet’s internal code-name is Project Moonlight, the device is able to track the users head, and use the sensors, gyroscopes and others which equipped on the smart phones to keep track of the users head activities, so as to achieve the effect of reality virtualization. Currently, smart phones are majorly using large-size ultra-high-definition display and sensors, which just meet the needs of virtualized reality system.

Prior to that, there are reports pointed out that the virtualized reality glasses Oculus may has some relationship with Samsungs Project Moonlight, such as Oculus used Galaxy Note3 screen in its latest equipment, but it is not clear what role Oculus has played in this project.

Judging from the spy photos, we can see a pair of virtualized reality glasses similar to Oculus Rift, a Galaxy S5 and a suspected adapter which allows mobile phone mounted on glasses. In addition to the lens, we can also see at the top of the device there is a gear and a focus dial allows devices to connect with the phone MicroUSB interface. Next to the glasses is a goggles Galaxy S5, as the glasses will be released together with the Galaxy Note 4, so it may be compatible with S5 also.

We know that Google also has a virtualized reality device called Cardboard, from the appearance of these two devices, there is not much different, but Samsungs device uses a plastic material. However, Google Cardboard is not a consumer-oriented product, but a Demo for the test and display of Google’s virtualized reality technology; and Samsungs upcoming device is more like a product for the end consumer. However, according to Samsungs routine, the price of this product should not be cheap

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