Windows 9 Release Date

What do you think Windows 9? What can Windows fans expect? How will Windows 9 change us all?

Top of Form Microsoft is showing different new surprises through the windows versions. The next one is going to be the Windows 9. The customers have found out some sort of problems in Windows 8, hence Windows 9 will be a much-developed version of Microsoft Windows. The release date, price, and features of Windows 9 have been reported in a number of different ways in few reports. However, the most reliable date of its release will be September 30.

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The Neglected Mobile Security Market

Celebs iCloud photo leak incident is seemingly far away from us, but in fact who knows whether our information will be leaked or not? Mobile Security is currently the biggest crisis in smartphone ecosystem, as well as a huge market to be ignored. You may say,we have a variety of mobile guards and assistants in the current market? No, this is still totally inadequate. Continue reading “The Neglected Mobile Security Market”