The Neglected Mobile Security Market

Celebs iCloud photo leak incident is seemingly far away from us, but in fact who knows whether our information will be leaked or not? Mobile Security is currently the biggest crisis in smartphone ecosystem, as well as a huge market to be ignored. You may say,we have a variety of mobile guards and assistants in the current market? No, this is still totally inadequate.

Nowadays, phones are carrying too many information you don’t want to be public, the phone is not just a pure hardware product any more, in the old time phone such as Nokia,even if the phone is lost, only contacts and SMS you may worried. The current phone is holding our massage verification, Paypal verification and various other third party verification information, many of our phone are almost impossible to find, the phone becomes more and more heavy.

In the PC era, almost every computer users computer will have a mobile security software to protect computer security, to avoid damage to the virus, although most of the AntiVirus software are useless, but a strong safety sense of users is important. Mobile end seemed to moved back to the early empty AntiVirus market, mobile phone users are not overly focused on security issues, the mobile security here I refer is not simply the virus, but including the following three areas: hardware, applications, the lost phone.

Mobile security market cannot relying on the anti-virus of PC side, it should carries more security to provide maximum security for individual users, to avoid similar incident like Apples iCloud event, after all, who did not have a little phone secret? Protecting secrets and information should be the highlight of the mobile security market! Each smart phones sold to the hands of user means a new security risks spawn.

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