IE12 Codenamed Spartan, Has Been Included in Windows 9

There is an application called zSpartan in Windows 9 technical preview leakage, Mary Jo Foley news source said Spartan is the code name of next version of Internet Explorer (IE12). MJ Foley dug up some potentially relevant information from Microsoft recruitment and Microsoft Research Web site.

The name Spartan has emerged in a recent Microsoft recruiting information, one of the teams goal of Bing application links and tasks to complete is to completion function through, Cortana, Bing search application, Spartan / Office / Skype, etc., external search API provides task.

There have been rumors that IE12 will support interface changes and plug-ins to extend the platform, just speaking of the plug-in platform terms, MJ Foley also found the relevant information.

Microsoft Research has a project called XAX, which is a browser plug-in model that allows developers to leverage existing tools, libraries, and programs to provide a feature-rich Web applications .XAX adopt new mechanisms to provide security, system independent , performance to support the old application code, including another project Drawbridge also provides a similar micro virtualization framework and application sandbox technology. In short, XAX can execute x86 native code in a browser plug-in platform.

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