JPMorgan Hacker Chase Sounded The Alarm to The White House And Wall Street

Foreign media on Wednesday published an article that President Barack Obama and the United States National Security Advisor has received the regular briefing about JPMorgan Chase and other nine large financial companies suffered large-scale hacker attacks from this summer, this latest initiative aims provide updated information about the hacker attacks to the highest U.S. national security officials, just the same as these officials receive information about the update information of the Islamic State (ISIS) Russian invasion of Ukraine.

However, according to officials who familiar with the matter, in the case of JP Morgan Chase hackers, no one can tell Obama the information he most want to know: What is the motive behind the hacking?

There is a problem kept coming to mind once and once again: Its just a pile mundane theft, or is Putins retaliatory action?’ Says a senior official, the retaliatory action he referred means Russia may counterattack as the United States has imposed sanctions. And the answer to this question is: We are unsure of it.’

So far, from the first discovery of JPMorgan hackers event are gone more than three months, but the source of the attack is still unknown, yet there is no evidence that any organization using the stolen data to steal any money. However, with the other being attacked object gradually surfaced, the entire Wall Street are being wrapped in a mystery. According to sources familiar with the matter, so far, at least four companies Citigroup, E * Trade Financial, HSBC and ADP have found that their system had been invaded by an URL which penetrate the network through JP Morgan Chase.

Sources said after receiving reports of JP Morgan Chase, the FBI believes that hackers brought the intrusive JPMorgan Chase IP address of the computer network system to other financial institutions, in the hope that identify whether these system intruders is the same group of hackers. In addition, these banks also share relevant information with each other

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