How to Uninstall and Re-install the AMD Graphics Driver

I’ve seen a lot of people complainning online about the problem that AMD graphics driver can not be uninstalled, which leads to more PC novices reject to use AMD. Here is a brief explanation:

First of all, the components of AMD graphics driver can be divided into two parts: the hardware internal drives and desktop management software interface, a lot of people will consider graphics driver problem when encountered computer failure, or think that the old driver is need to be uninstalled when replacing other graphics cards , this time the problem arises . Open big numbers, find the AMD Catalyst, click uninstall and restart the computer, probably you’ll found that the drive is still there, but you could not find an driver option in the uninstall options, many people then will think that AMD graphics driver can not be uninstalled. What do we do now? See the proper uninstallation ways below:
Step one: Right-click My Computer Properties Device Manager View hardware find the graphics you want to uninstall right-click to remove the device and click in front of the option to remove the driver restart the computer after completion. The driver uninstallation is now complete. If you want to reinstall the driver, see below.
Step Two: Now we need to re-install the driver, but the problem that could not find a hardware will occurs, then the next thing we need to do is to repeat the first step to find the Device Manager interface to add new hardware, the computer will automatically scan and identify, after a few seconds a hardware cannot be fully recognized will occur, things will done as long as you download the latest catalyst drivers via the ADM official website.
In fact, there is another much more convenient and advanced method to uninstall the AMD graphics driver.
AMD graphics card is not tough, as long as you know the method to deal with it, you ill be able to make better use of ADM.

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