Solution on uxtheme.dll Missing When Startup in Win7

Here I’d like to share a solution for “how to solve the problem when Win7 startup prompts uxtheme.dll missing” to everyone who may encounter, according to some users who complained about win7 system, sometimes when computer star up to the Welcome screen when the screen will prompts that explorer can not start due to uxtheme.dll missing, and when you click OK or enter, computer turn out to be black. In this situation, how do we do?

Methods / steps
1.First, force shutdown or restart your computer, press F8 to enter safe mode at boot time, enter the option 3 in the boot with command character + Safe Mode;

2.Then you will see a cmd.exe command window which is dos mode after booting, enter sfc/scannow in the command window and then press Enter, minimize but do NOT close the windows after the system scan and repair finish is completed;

3.Then press the keyboard combination Ctrl + Alt + Del shortcut keys to open the Task Manager, , and then right-click the blank space under the application, select New Task (Run), type explorer.exe, OK, thus, all things on the desktop will emerge;

4.Then copy uxtheme.dll in another computer (same system) with U disk, the specific path is usually C:\windows\system32 \ uxtheme.dll, rename the uxtheme.dll in U disk (eg: uxtheme .dll.bak), then copy it to your computer C:\windows\system32 folder;

5.End the explore.exe process in the Task Manager process, close Task Manager, and then enter the command del uxtheme.dll in the dialog box, Enter, and then enter ren uxtheme.dll.bak uxtheme.dll, Enter, restart computer after the completion.

6. If you find that the computer no longer prompts missing uxtheme.dll fault after restarting computer, but still get an error (0 c000007b), then you can repeat the previous two steps to restart after repair, problem will be solve, or if you feel that there are too many steps, just try use a dll fix tool to fix the DLL fault within a few minutes.

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