Windows 8: It Won’t Let You Do Something Unless You’re An Administrator

Facing Windows 8s great changes from the old ones, people may not get used to its shortcuts so soon. Some even are struggling for basic operations. No worries, this article is about to teach you how to handle those issues.

Here is one aggravating thing you may hate about Windows 8. This operating system gets really picky about who gets to do what on your computer. The computer’s owner gets the Administrator account. And the administrator usually gives everybody else a Standard account. What does that mean? Well, only the administrator can do the following things on the computer:

  • Install programs and hardware.
  • Create or change accounts for other people.
  • Start an Internet connection.
  • Install some hardware, such as digital cameras
    and MP3 players.
  • Perform actions affecting other people on the PC.

People with Standard accounts, by nature, are limited to fairly basic activities. They can do these things:

  • Run previously installed programs.
  • Change their account’s picture and password.

Guest accounts are meant for the babysitter or visitors who don’t permanently use the computer. If you have a broadband or other “always on” Internet account, guests can browse the Internet, run programs, or check their e-mail. (Guest accounts aren’t allowed to start an Internet session, but they can use an existing one.)

If Windows says only an administrator may do something on your PC, you have two choices: Find an administrator to type his or her password and authorize the action; or convince an administrator to upgrade your account to an Administrator account.

Now you know how to deal with such problems. Windows 8 is an amazingly beautiful system after all. As long as you get used to the special interface different from Windows 7/XP, things can get much simpler and funnier. Hope you enjoy the using!

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