Computer Blue Screen Fix Tips

Computer blue screen, also known as Blue Screen of Death, or called BSoD, which is a screen image when Microsofts Windows operating systems can not recover from a system error, in order to protect your computer data file is destroyed and forced to be displayed. Blue screen has become the iconic prompt screen of Windows operating system.

When we encounter blue screen, most people would think Windows is going to die and paralyzed and think that the culprit is Windows, or Windows is not powerful not stable enough. You know, whenever there is a kernel-mode device driver or subsystem anomaly caused an illegal error, Windows will face with the difficult choice, although Windows eventually chose crashes, but that does not mean it can not ignore the exception, and force the device driver or subsystem continue running.

Solving tips:
1. Start ->; Run, type: EventVwr.msc, press Enter, Event Viewer appears, pay attention to check the wrong items of the system log and Application Log Note the code displayed in blue. screen, and then use another computers to surf the Internet, enter the Microsoft Help and Support Web site. Then input the stop code in the upper left corner of the Search (KB). Under normal circumstances, we would find useful solution case here.

2. Some blue screen is caused by Windows flaws itself, and therefore the system can be cured by installing the latest patches and Service Pack.
3. Hardware problems sometimes lead to blue screen. We should check the category of hardware compatibility on Microsoft website to see whether the hardware is compatible with the operating system. If your hardware is not in the list, then you have to get the hardware manufacturers Web site to query, or call their consultation number. For the newly installed computer which often appear blue screen problem, you should check and upgrade the BIOS to the latest version. While closing one of the memory-related items, such as: caching and mapping. If the above tips cannot fulfill the your need of get away from blue screen error once and for all then I suggest you to ask for help from specialized tool.

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