Figuring Out And Fixing Winsol.DLL Error

I think maybe you have met winsol.dll errorfor several times since you click into this article. And you want to fix the winsol.dll error and speed up your computer right? It is necessary to know why you get the annoying winsol.dll errors in order to fix the winsol.dll error completely and prevent it from occurring again.

What winsol.dll error is like?
The winsol.dll errors are normally shown when Windows starts up, wthe massage often displayed like this: . Procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library winsol.dll.

This error is normally caused by a mismatch of two separate winsol.dll files on your PC. According to Microsoft, there should be only one version of this file on your computer and the likelihood is that other programs, have installed their own version of the file on your system which then causes the error. Oe, incorrect dll file entries in the operating systems registry.

Troubleshooting winsol.dll error:
1. The most common way to fix winsol.dll error is to repair the dll file manually, you should download the file from a reliable website, install it and register it in windows system. It could be very complicated for common computer users. Later , we use registry cleaner to fix winsol.dll error. Today we have a better choice. The advanced PC tech searches and develops programs that are specialized at fixing dll file automatically.

2. Start> Run, enter msconfig in RUN, and then find column c / windows / system / winsol.1dll in the command in the start page, then look at the position displayed behind the Location column, it should be open automatically relying on registry, and then there are two ways, first, directly remove the hook in front of it, click and restart your computer, OK, but this method is not that good, because after starting the System Configuration utility will appear again. You can do like the following: Start> Run, type regedit to open the Registry Editor, and then follow the position displayed inPosition column to find the startup items, delete, OK.

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