9 Factors About Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

Recently, there are lots of rumors about Google’s upcoming mobile-friendly update. It is time to make sense of bits of reliable information from several resources. Online marketers will find your answers to the nine key questions of the update according to the following introduction.

1. Changes that Google will make to algorithm on April 21st.

As a matter of fact, Google has been rolling out many changes to apps, Google Play, the presentation of mobile SERPs as well as some advanced development guidelines that has great impact on mobile. Based on what we heard recently, we believe Google will launch a new mobile crawler to result in better performance in crawling single-page web apps, Android apps, and maybe even deep links in iOS apps.

2. Will this impact my desktop rankings if my site is not mobile-friendly.

The answer is No answered by Google without hesitation. But, the new index is related to a new crawler or a major change that will used to parse, index, and evaluate mobile search results but not desktop results. Just in case, you’d better make sure your site works on mobile devices to enhance your user experience & potential eventual desktop repercussions.

3. How much will mobile rankings be impacted?

On the same panel at SMX Munich, a saying by Zineb claims that the changes in 4/21 will be bigger than the previous Panda and Penguin updates. But it is still unclear if all mobile devices will be impacted in the change or not.

4. Will the sites that redirect to a mobile subdomain be considered mobile friendly?

Well, we actually saw significantly more mDot (m.) websites ranking well in the mobile SERPS. But with the fresh algorithm, lots of Google representatives seem to have recently backed off their strong favorites on responsive design and would like to acknowledge the other viable moble architectures.

5. How do I know if my site meets Google’s requirements for mobile friendliness?

To get a direct answer on a per-url basis, Google has launched a helpful mobile-friendless tool that will evaluate every page individually. Another fast way to know how your top pages perform is to do a “site” query for the domain in question on your phone.

6. How does having a mobile app impact my mobile rankings?

Two things must be considered. First, Google has started treating apps as a new kind of universal search result, returning an “APP Pack” of Google Play results on Android devices. If your mobile search query is strongly interacted with mobile app listings, you app would be more visual from the mobile search results pages. Second, Google may consider high quality apps that has deep links, increasing app experience for your users.

7. Do I need an app?

Of course, you have the budget to develop both a mobile app and a mobile website; it would be great to handle both. But you have a limited budget, you must consider your business needs that if a mobile website or mobile app can help you more.

8. How is mobile traffic impacted by the user search query?

Different from the search favorites before, Google is presenting the information that a searcher requests directly in the search result above the organic rankings. All kinds of searches are considered and used by SEOs, including the local-mobile searches. It can steal traffic and would skew success metrics.

9. Google’s goal with all of these changes.

It is certain that the changes by Google are based on lots of goals and reasons. But one fact that has been considered by Google is the better mobile experience for searchers and gives what they actual want. There is no doubt that running a good mobile website or mobile app is not a easy thing, certain prepared Mobile SEO services can be consi

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