3 IT Stories: 2015, a Year Of Transformation And Transition

Take that, Google! EU files antitrust charges

The European Commission in April charged Google with abusing its dominant position in Internet search services by favoring its own comparison shopping product, Google Shopping. A decision against Google could include a fine of up to 10 percent of the companies annual revenue. The Commission also opened an antitrust investigation into Android, suspecting Google of abusing its dominant position by, among other things, requiring device manufacturers to bundle Googles own services and applications with the mobile OS. For Google, the cases strike at the heart of how it controls access to services and generates profit. For some Europeans, its a righteous blow against the hegemony of one of the giants of American technology.

Microsoft launches Win 10, gets mojo back

Just a year or so ago it seemed Microsoft was sucking its cash cow Windows OS dry while fading into post-PC era irrelevance. But with the launch of Windows 10 for PCs in July, together with subsequent releases for mobile devices, the company got a new lease on life. Microsoft is delivering a truly unified Windows platform on which universal programs can run across a wide variety of devices even Xbox and the Windows Holographic system. In October the OS was complemented by the well-received Surface Pro 4 tablet and the companys first laptop, the Surface Book, a keyboard-equipped notebook that can twist into a slate or snap apart to serve as a tablet a real flagship for the revamped ecosystem. The company can now say it has mobile devices with specs that stack up to any and a unified software platform to run on them.

Dell buys EMC: United, will they stand?

Dells planned US$67 billion acquisition of EMC, announced in October, is the biggest tech merger ever, a marriage of aging titans whose dominance has been eroded by the cloud. Dell, together with EMC and its VMware subsidiary, will be able to provide private and hybrid cloud systems as alternatives to Amazon, Microsoft, and Googles public clouds. The deal takes place as digital transformation of business via cloud and mobile technology has vendors scrambling to keep up, pushing IT mergers and acquisitions past the dot-com era record set in 2000. HPs split this year into PC and printer company HP Inc. and software vendor HP Enterprise is another reaction to digital transformation: divestiture as a way for legacy vendors to stay spry.

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