Facebooks Mentions App is Now Available for Android Users

Facebook’s Mentions App provides the service for verified users of the global social network. The Mentions App not works for every one but for those celebrities once, but now news shows that the application comes to serve other users with Android devices.

The app is designed to fulfill specific verified users such as actors, athletes, and some other public figures to share their public status updates, photos and videos with their fans.

It can date back to July 2014 when Facebook released Mentions for iOS, yet it is marketed at “Actors, athletes, musicians, and other influencers.” Everything in Mentions such as photos, videos will be publicly posted for the followers and fans.

Applications for Mac OS X or iOS may be unique for Apple devices sometimes, but Facebook’s Mentions also set a limitation for the users, which is so perplexing. Will such kind of App be popular enough to bring Facebook benefits? This may be difficult to answer. But the good news is that Mentions can be also used in Android devices. Therefore, don’t bother to ditch your Android phones and purchase a new iPhone immediately in order to experience Facebook’s Mentions, the celebrities-dedicated application of the past.

A popular and widely-used application should be available for users with devices based on different operating systems, if Mentions stay semi-open for just celebrities, it will be replaced in some day when there are some alternatives, thus the change that Facebook has made seems irresistible.

Even the admittedly interesting applications on Mac OS X or Windows will face the same fate when the applications cant meet the demands of users, or even when the applications becomes useless and unwanted, they will be replaced and uninstalled from users Mac pro or computers. So what Facebook has done sounds reasonable.

And now, as one of the Android users, you can enjoy the same service as those celebrities now.

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