Edges Weak Adoption Exerts Impacts On Declining Browser Share

Microsofts Edge is the web browser which is built into Windows 10 and expected to replace the aging Internet Explorer, and attract more users of the new Windows 10 operating system. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a failure and the company decline in the browser share.

Microsoft announced to launch a new browser, Edge together with the Windows 10 operating system in August, 2015. Edge browser is expected to replace the Internet Explorer, which has been used for about 20 years since released.

The company adopts several measures to push Windows 10, and the new operating system has more and more users all around the world,but it doesnt mean that the built-in browser Edge also enjoys great popularity. The weak adoption of Edge has contributed to the declining of its browser share.

According to the related resources, Edges share of the global Windows 10 user base was lower in January than was Internet Explorers share of all Windows users. Edge takes up about 26% share of all Windows 10 users. Compared with Edge, Windows 10 user are more likely to use the aging Internet Explorer browser, and IEs share almost double that of Edge on Windows 10. And the Internet Explorer-only share of all Windows users reach more than 48%.

Suppose Edge had attracted users as many as that of Internet Explorer browser, Microsofts overall browser share would have got to 48.4%, seeing a 1.5 % increase rather than 46.9% in actual. The seemingly negligible 1.5% would contribute over 13% of Microsofts overall decline in browser user share over the 12 months in last year.

Users who have ditched the outdated IE browser and switched to Windows Edge complaint that it was frustrating to use Edge browser. Microsofts Edge might be more powerful than the aging IE, but it is not perfect now.

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