Pinterest Launches Self-Service Advertising Platform To Rival Facebook And Twitter

As reported, Pinterest is now expanding its advertising business and attracting more consumers to rival Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest announced on Tuesday that all of the small and medium enterprises are able to use its self-service advertising platform. It added the quantity of key words and specified interests so that the advertisers could promote ads to consumers well. The advertisers could locate its existing consumers on Pinterest by availing of this platform.

This platform could help Pinterest shorten the advertising difference from Facebooks and Twitters. The latters have launched the similar features to their consumers. To Pinterest, it is important to make more profit by expanding advertising business as it needs to approve to its investors it is worth investing the company.

Pinterest has been considering how to make more profit. It launched Promoted Pins feature last May. It claimed that the advertisers could Pin their ads on a marked location by subscriping. Later then, Pinterest announced that it was testing another new project for anyone who wish to promote their Pins with subscription so that many people could access to their ads. It released a new techonology as the consumers could search the related photos without inserting any characters.

Actually, Pinterest launched the self-sevice advertising service in June, 2014. It allowed the merchants to pay the ads track the adversting performance by paying with credit card. It was tested confidentially.

Tim Kendall claimed that 90 % of small and medium merchants plan to purchase more ads on Pinterest in 6 months based on an internal report. The advertisers could locate 420 interests on Pinterest website so far. They could access to the classified potential consumes in accordance with their browsing history.

Besides advertising business, Pinterest is also studying the new mode of ads sales. The sales representatives could avail of its platform to feed the promotions to its existing consumers. It also explores the possibility to combine the online and offline business.

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