The Best Easter Egg in Grand Theft Auto V: Tornado

I just bought the No.1 on Steam Sales Chart game Grand Theft Auto V. Of course you can figure it out form the name of this game, there must be tons of fancy cars in it. After buying lot of sports cars and a limo, I am never satisfied, I stated to find some unusual and special cars online. How to define unusual and special? Unusual and special cars are the cars you can’t buy in the game. If you want one, you must complete some missions or stand on the spot at a specific time, waiting for an NPC in the car you really want pass by.

Today, I would offer a tutorial of how to get Tornado in GTA5. Tornado is one of the best Easter Eggs in GTA5 I think. It’s from the movie Thelma & Lovise. This car with two guitars in the back seat is really cool, and not many people know how to get it.

Here’s the tutorial:

First, I must tell you the car only show on the cliff at every 19:00 (in the game). The picture of the spot I’ve showed you below. So, you should get on the mountain near the cliff before 19:00. Pleas pay attention, never keep looking at the cliff, if you do, the car would never show. I don’t know why.

Next, at 19:00, turn around, you would find two girls are in the Tornado chasing by many police cars and choppers. Now, use your sniper to shoot the two girls (I am so sorry), or they would drive the car rush down the cliff just like Thelma and Lovise did in the movie. So, do it quickly. Shoot them before they driving down the cliff.

The final step, get rid of the cops and get into Tornado, drive it to the Los Santos Customs to buy insurance for it. The car is totally yours.

Thats all for today, I would share more about games later. Thank you.

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