Pinterest Will Launch Image Search App For Online Shopping

Pinterest was established six years ago. It has been trying to release more new products for the public. In order to help users to make easier online shopping, Pinterest plans to launch an Image Search app which offers convenience for users.

Pinterest claimed that it would make full use of the mobile photograpy technology to launch an Image Search App in a few months. With this new app, users only need to photography the items with the smartphone camera, then the app will search it from billions of goods online so that it could make a match for users.

The final goal of Pinterest that release this app is to help users shop online easier and buy whateve they wish.

If it works, Pinterest Image Search app will bring a new shopping experience for consumers. In the meanwhile, this app will help Pinterest makes more profit. Its major income is from Advertising. With the new app, Pinterest will be a new platform of E-commerce.

Pinterest is on the point of persuading users to accept this new technoloy. Many of companies have been trying to develop such technology for years. However, the effect did not meet the expectation. In fact, if Pinterest makes a success, its competitiveness will be strenghtened.

The restailers have sold about 10 million items which advertised on Pinterest so far. But Pinterest had not made profit from those deals. Pinterest hoped the new app could attract more retailers to increase their advertising budget.

As is reported, Pinterest received $ 100 million income from 55 million active advertisers last year.

There are similar applications such as and Pounce and Craves. The latter two Image shopping apps Pounce and Craves belong to Canadian comany Slyce which both have 5.5 million users.

Neiman Marcus, who has been using Slyce technology, claimed this image search sounded reasonable. It helps users to find the fixed items by photograpying. But the image search accuracy rate is the problem for developing such technology. If the accuracy rate is under 90%, the consumers would rather not use it.

Pinterest has been working hard to increase its accuracy rate. It still has a few months to make improvement.

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