Google VR Daydream will Come Soon

It is reported that Google will release its VR platform Daydream in a few weeks.

Google has been preparing for the cooperation with other companies to accomplish content creation so that there will be content support when Daydream releases.

Will Daydream be another Google Play Store?

Judged by its current performance, Google plans to promote Daydream platform via app store and game content.

Google claimed there would be a series of its own products on Daydream when it introduced this platform at 2016 Google I/O conference, including the VR special versions of Street View, Youtube, Photos and Play Movies.

Google has been cooperating with many celebrities on YouTube to make 360°videos. It also teamed up with EA, Ubisoft and NBA. Whats more, Google will

do Hulu a favor to promote some of its projects. It was reported that Hulu would release newly video on Daydream.

Will Daydream pave the way to VR?

Google will make reference designs for VR headsets after Daydream releases. Daydream will make a standard setting for mobile VR which will be a great help to game manufacturers. It is a win-win strategy for Google and content creators.

Google released Google Cardboard years ago,it strengthened the impression of Google VR. Daydream is another platform that Google aims to popularize VR technology to users. Samsung Gear VR is a rival of Google Daydream. However, Gear VR must be applied with specific Samsung smartphones which limits its promotion.

In Q2 2016, Android mobile devices accounted for 86.2%. Daydream has advantages to be widely popularized.

Google announced at Google I/O conference that more mobile modules of Samsung, HTC, Asus, Huawei,LG, Xiaomi and ZTE would support DayDream.

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