How to Properly Uninstall Epic Games’ Fortnite on Your Mac

1. What is Epic Games’ Fortnite and why to uninstall it?

Fortnite is a free, online video game developed by Epic Games. This game is available on Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android. Mac users can install it after logging in to Epic Games’ Launcher for Mac.

Some users decide to uninstall Fortnite for personal reasons, and others may try to uninstall it for performing a fresh installation. No matter why you would like to remove it from your Mac, you should acquire the right way to do a clean uninstall.

2. How to completely uninstall Fortnite in the right way?

If you’ve install Fortnite from the Epic Games’ Launcher, here are the uninstall steps:

  • Open up Epic Games’ Launcher in the Applications folder or from the Launchpad
  • In the left sidebar of Epic Games’ Launcher interface, click on the Library section
  • Find the Fortnite on the right pane, and click the gear icon in the button right corner
  • Click Uninstall in the menu that pops up, and then click the Uninstall button again

After the uninstallation finishes, go ahead to delete Fortnite-associated files & folders:

  • In an active Finder window, click Go in the menu bar, and choose Go to Folder
  • Type ~/Library in the box, and click Go button to open up the folder
  • In the ~/Library folder, type Fortnite in search bar, and then click “Library” below
  • If there is any file or folder whose name contains the keyword, try to identify whether it is belonging to the target app, and if so, delete them all to the Trash

Similarly, conduct the detection in the /Library folder as well, thus you can basically remove all Fortnite traces from your macOS system. Afterwards, reboot your Mac.

3. Is there a better way to conduct clean uninstall on Mac?

Using a professional removal tool could help Mac users avoid uninstall troubles and save time in this task. Well, here is how to easily uninstall Epic Games Launcher:

  • Launch a tool labeled Osx Uninstaller, select the app and click Run Analysis
  • Click Complete Uninstall button, and then click Yes to execute the uninstall
  • Click Back to Interface button to re-scan currently installed apps on your Mac

You should be able to uninstall Epic Games Launcher or other unwanted apps by using this lightweight utility software. Just try it out if you have any uninstall issue.

Does Osx Uninstaller reliable to use? See the software review here:

Unbiased Review on Osx Uninstaller (Mac Removal Tool)

As for how to manually uninstall Epic Games from Mac, follow the steps in this post.

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