How do I get the new STOPzilla AVM 2013 deleted?

Well, the new STOPzilla AVM 2013 just stopped its installation half way: it popped up and told me that, “STOPzilla AVM 2013 has failed to download the required updates. You can CONTINUE with the installation or RETRY to download the updates. Incorrect date and time settings can sometimes cause this update failure. Please check your date and time settings to ensure they are correct.” while I tried to install it on my workstation. After this, I fellow that information but I still could NOT install the software updates, then I decided to remove it completely.

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How To Uninstall a Beta Version Of Norton Antivirus v2013


The following entry will walk you through the recommended steps on how to uninstall and remove a beta version of Norton AntiVirus 2013 that has expired. Before starting them, you may download another PC security software like FREE Avast, AVG; or paid antivirus program or suite such as BitDefender Antivirus, G-Data AntiVirus and Kaspersky Internet Security. Continue reading “How To Uninstall a Beta Version Of Norton Antivirus v2013”

The Steps for Lavasoft Personal Security 10.4 Removal

If you encountered the unexpected Deadscreen issue while you tried to uninstall or downgrade the new Lavasoft Personal Security software, you may review or follow the steps below.

To completely delete the previously installed Lavasoft Personal Security 10.4, you need to remove the following items on your computer:

    • In Add or Remove Programs
      • Ad-Aware Antivirus (37.16MB)
      • Ad-Aware Security Add-on (4.59MB)

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How can I uninstall the unwanted RoboForm v7.8.6.5

Days ago, my friend Zoe sent me an e-mail, said she had forgot the password to the previously installed RoboForm v7.8.6.5. Well, to help her with this trouble, I first installed the said version in my VMware Workstation, and then reviewed the express install of RoboForm v7.8.6.5, and found the following official information, “A Master Password is used to secure all your passwords and other data stored within RoboForm. You will be asked to enter your Master Password to access your RoboForm data. Please memorize your Master Password. It cannot be recovered if forgotten. Why is a Master Password important?”; then I suggested that she should thoroughly uninstall and remove the current version of RoboForm; and reinstall it later on.

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