Federal cyber: WIndows users need to quit QuickTime

April 19, 2016


The cyber readiness team that is part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has suggested Windows users removing Apple’s QuickTime media player from their computers.

“Computers running QuickTime for Windows will continue to work after support ends,” US-CERT wrote in an advisory published Thursday. “However, using unsupported software may increase the risks from viruses and other security threats. Potential negative consequences include loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data, as well as damage to system resources or business assets. The only mitigation available is to uninstall QuickTime for Windows.” read more …

The best Easter Egg in Grand Theft Auto V : Tornado

April 12, 2016


I just bought the No.1 on Steam Sales Chart game Grand Theft Auto V. Of course you can figure it out form the name of this game, there must be tons of fancy cars in it. After buying lot of sports cars and a limo, I am never satisfied, I stated to find some unusual and special cars online. How to define unusual and special? Unusual and special cars are the cars you can’t buy in the game. If you want one, you must complete some missions or stand on the spot at a specific time, waiting for an NPC in the car you really want pass by.

Today, I would offer a tutorial of how to get Tornado in GTA5. Tornado is one of the best Easter Eggs in GTA5 I think. It’s from the movie Thelma & Lovise. This car with two guitars in the back seat is really cool, and not many people know how to get it.


Here’s the tutorial:

First, I must tell you the car only show on the cliff at every 19:00 (in the game). The picture of the spot I’ve showed you below. So, you should get on the mountain near the cliff before 19:00. Pleas pay attention, never keep looking at the cliff, if you do, the car would never show. I don’t know why.


Next, at 19:00, turn around, you would find two girls are in the Tornado chasing by many police cars and choppers. Now, use your sniper to shoot the two girls (I am so sorry), or they would drive the car rush down the cliff just like Thelma and Lovise did in the movie. So, do it quickly. Shoot them before they driving down the cliff.

The final step, get rid of the cops and get into Tornado, drive it to the Los Santos Customs to buy insurance for it. The car is totally yours.

That’s all for today, I would share more about games later. Thank you.

Several excellent PC games

March 30, 2016

When you feel like spending some time by relaxing activities. I strongly recommend you some really excellent and epic PC games, including free games and ones charged.

Here I have a list of good games to offer to you.

1. Heroes of the Storm


This is a game created by Blizzard. It’s a bit more approachable than either Dota2 or League of Legends. Blizzard is a really wonderful game company, it created Word of Warcraft which is already more than 10 years old and has become the most popular online game in the world.

On the other hand, Blizzard seems more willing to experiment too—like adding a two-headed ogre controlled by two different players at the same time. Call it gimmicky, call it innovative, it’s at least different.

2. Hearthstone


Hearthstone is a collectible card game also developed by Blizzard and based on the WarCraft universe.

You must choose your cards and use you skills wisely to beat your enemies. Blizzard’s been adding new content to the game at a prodigious pace, and is currently (at the time of writing) in the process of releasing the new League of Explorers adventure, with all new cards and mechanics. Anyway, it is worth trying.

3. Fallout 4


Fallout 4 is an action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The fifth major installment in the Fallout series, the game was released worldwide on November 10, 2015 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

This is a survival mode kind of game. You must try your best to collect useful material and weapons as soon as possible to be alive and make you own story in the game.  I love Fallout 4.

4. Grand Theft Auto V


Grand Theft Auto V has already been on Steam. I don’t want GTA5, I gotta have it!

Grand Theft Auto V is an open world, action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.

Compared to the previous editions of GTA, GTA5 offered players online mode this time, also you can create your own character to run your world in the game. Trust me, you can never say no to GTA5!

I totally guarantee, you must be in love with one of them!



Microsoft canceled Windows 8’s patch privileges

March 22, 2016


Let me ask you guys, are you a Windows users? Are  you using Windows 8 and satisfied with it? But, no matter yes or no,  there is a  big quetion down there is waiting for you to answer.

Windows 8, Microsoft’s 2012 flop now has already been taken of shelves from all support, putting 48 million users who still run the three-year-old operating system in a dilemma: update to Windows 8.1 or risk being hacked.

On 12th Jan 2016, Microsoft wouldn’t offer updates for windows 8 any more and the company will not provide technical support for operating system.

The deadline of updates has been known more than two years ago when Windows 8.1 came out first. If Windows 8 users want to continue to receive official updates, they must update to windows 8.1 which is 2013 free edition available in the Windows store.

Windows 8’s and 8.1’s user share, a rough estimate of the number of the devices running the OS. In mid-June, Windows 8 powered 63 million machines, Windows 8.1 226 million.


We can see that from the chart, Windows 8 still powers more than 1 in 5 of the devices running although that OS or Windows 8.1 free follow-up, 48 million machines ran Windows 8 in December 2015.

Since Windows 10’s first appearance in people’s sight, the Windows 8-Windows 8.1 user share has declined , with the largest contraction credited to 8.1 has dropped by 21%. It contributes to the users of Windows 8.1 devices can update directly to Windows 10, while Windows 8 users aren’t able to.

If the Windows 8 users want to get support again, they have to update Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 which is not enough. Then the users must have a second update from that to Windows 10. Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro are capable of the free Windows 10 update.

It seems that Microsoft has given users a long-term update task. So, if you are a Windows 8 user, what’s your choice? Update or get in a risk?

How to defend your Mac from ransomware KeRanger

March 10, 2016

Early in March, researchers found that there is a ransomware targeting Mac users. BitTorrent software for Mac OS X has been infected by the ransomware, which is named KeRanger.

FileCoder was the only well-known ransomware targeted at Apple users, which was found in 2014. Up to now, Keranger will be the second one. The difference is that FileCoder is not so mature when it was discovered, yet KeRanger is said to be the first ransomware with complete functions.

Anyone who has just downloaded BitTorrent Transmission during 11 a.m., March 4 to 5 p.m. March 5, 2016, may get infected. Now that the ransomware KeRanger is dangerous, what Mac users can do to safeguard their machines?

As for those who downloaded Transmission through a third-party website before March, they had better carry out a security check as bellow.

To take a surefire way to protect your Mac, you can choose to completely uninstall Transmission from your Mac no matter when and where you download the App.

Pinterest launches self-service advertising platform to rival Facebook and Twitter

March 9, 2016

As reported, Pinterest is now expanding its advertising business and attracting more consumers to rival Facebook and Twitter.


Pinterest announced on Tuesday that all of the small and medium enterprises are able to use its self-service advertising
platform. It added the quantity of key words and specified interests so that the advertisers could promote ads to consumers
well. The advertisers could locate its existing consumers on Pinterest by availing of this platform.

This platform could help Pinterest shorten the advertising difference from Facebook’s and Twitter’s. The latters have launched
the similar features to their consumers. To Pinterest, it is important to make more profit by expanding advertising business as
it needs to approve to its investors it is worth investing the company.

Pinterest has been considering how to make more profit. It launched “Promoted Pins” feature last May. It claimed that the
advertisers could Pin their ads on a marked location by subscriping. Later then, Pinterest announced that it was testing
another new project for anyone who wish to promote their Pins with subscription so that many people could access to their ads.
It released a new techonology as the consumers could search the related photos without inserting any characters.

Actually, Pinterest launched the self-sevice advertising service in June, 2014. It allowed the merchants to pay the ads track
the adversting performance by paying with credit card. It was tested confidentially.

Tim Kendall claimed that 90 % of small and medium merchants plan to purchase more ads on Pinterest in 6 months based on an internal report. The advertisers could locate 420 interests on Pinterest website so far. They could access to the classified
potential consumes in accordance with their browsing history.

Besides advertising business, Pinterest is also studying the new mode of ads sales. The sales representatives could avail of
its platform to feed the promotions to its existing consumers. It also explores the possibility to comine the online and
offline business.

How to Remove Betternet from My PC – Uninstall Guides

March 3, 2016


As a VPN for Windows OS, Betternet has distinctive features without ads and registration/credit cards. It supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and connects you to the fastest Server. It provides users with access to the entire blocked websites in their countries, at school or at work. The main vulnerability comes from its removal. It makes users wonder how they are supposed to do to successfully remove Betternet.

So today I want to introduce you different ways to remove Betternet through this article, and you can choose either to perform the steps on your PC. I believe the problems would be solved successfully. read more …

Troubleshoot Virtual DJ Invalid Skin Error on Mac

February 29, 2016

Virtual DJ
Virtual DJ works well on MP3 and video mixing. Yet sometimes users will face problems when using Virtual DJ and one of the common problems is the invalid skin error, which is usually caused when you log in as one user account while installing and then trying to run it through another user.

Specifically, the user for login is missing the folder named /users/USERNAME/Documents/Virtual DJ/, or /users/YOURNAME/Library/Virtual DJ/ folder for version 7.0.3 of Virtual DJ or above.

To troubleshoot the invalid skin error, you can adopt any of these available methods.

  1. Use the same user both during your installation of Virtual DJ and running
  2. Copy the Documents/VirtualDJ/Skins or Library/VirtualDJ/Skins/

Installing an invalid or incompatible skin can also give rise to this error; for example, installing what is designed for the newer version of Virtual DJ. In that case, you can delete the skin from the folder/Documents/VirtualDJ/Skins or Library/VirtualDJ/Skins manually.

If the error remains unresolved, you can try this way:

  1. Navigate to the Library on your hard drive and trash the Preference file as follows:MacintoshHD->Users/YOURNAME/Library/Preferences/com.atomixproductions.virtualdj.plist
  2. Go to the official website to download the latest installation file.
  3. Install the software using the installation file that you download above.

if it is complex for you to understand, there is also an ultimate method to help you troubleshoot the invalid skin error on your Mac—- reinstall Virtual DJ on your Mac. When it is difficult for you to fix the error, you might as well erase everything existing and start from scratch.

  1. Completely remove Virtual DJ from your Mac
  2. Reinstall the application as the user you will be running it as.

Note: The complete uninstall of Virtual DJ is the premise of the success to reinstall the application. If you can’t figure out how to uninstall Virtual DJ thoroughly on Mac, you can refer to this post.

Edge’s weak adoption exerts impacts on declining browser share

February 5, 2016


Microsoft’s Edge is the web browser which is built into Windows 10 and expected to replace the aging Internet Explorer, and attract more users of the new Windows 10 operating system. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a failure and the company decline in the browser share.

Microsoft announced to launch a new browser, Edge together with the Windows 10 operating system in August, 2015. Edge browser is expected to replace the Internet Explorer, which has been used for about 20 years since released.

The company adopts several measures to push Windows 10, and the new operating system has more and more users all around the world,but it doesn’t mean that the built-in browser Edge also enjoys great popularity. The weak adoption of Edge has contributed to the declining of its browser share.

According to the related resources, Edge’s share of the global Windows 10 user base was lower in January than was Internet Explorer’s share of all Windows users. Edge takes up about 26% share of all Windows 10 users. Compared with Edge, Windows 10 user are more likely to use the aging Internet Explorer browser, and IE’s share almost double that of Edge on Windows 10. And the Internet Explorer-only share of all Windows users reach more than 48%.

Suppose Edge had attracted users as many as that of Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft’s overall browser share would have got to 48.4%, seeing a 1.5 % increase rather than 46.9% in actual. The seemingly negligible 1.5% would contribute over 13% of Microsoft’s overall decline in browser user share over the 12 months in last year.

Users who have ditched the outdated IE browser and switched to Window’s Edge complaint that it was frustrating to use Edge browser. Microsoft’s Edge might be more powerful than the aging IE, but it is not perfect now.

Make Fast Cash from Affiliate Marketing Today

January 25, 2016

In recent time, people have noticed that the Internet has gradually played more and more significant role in daily life. Now, the Internet is not only to be entertainment used, but also it can be used to be financial tool. In reality, making money online is not a new thing. Online shopping is well-known by almost everyone. However, there are many other ways to make profits, unlike selling goods. One has to be mentioned is that the affiliate marketing, which is new force in online business. It can be the available way for people to earn some cash online.

Affiliate marketing, as its name shows, is a kind of marketing. Since nowadays finance seems in a downward trend, advertisers intend to cut their promotion fee. Therefore, they find that the Internet is welcomed by everyone, which is positive to promotion. Moreover, the purchase on posting ads online is largely lower that that of traditional media. So they target the Internet to their one of main marketing way. With the increasing need of ads promotion, advertisers intend to invite more people join us to help them advocate the product. That’s initial development of affiliate marketing. Actually, it is similar to traditional marketing. Affiliate marketing, in most cases, it can be connected to CPA marketing. Of course, there are other types offers, like CPS, CPL, and so on.

With CPA(Cost Per Action) offer, people who join affiliate marketing can be paid the action resulting from a lead. Indeed, when visitors click through to the affiliate sponsor and make a purchase, the advertisers will pay network or publishers for such an amount of money. Isn’t it easy? There is no any product inventory to stock or ship, no customers to serve. It seems like a piece of cake to make money from affiliate programs, if people get used to affiliate marketing, they are able to work on several affiliate projects at the same time. There are some tips that websites owners or publishers can follow to increase the possibility of success. To begin with, get lots of traffic visiting the websites which are used for marketing. Large traffic can lead to the increasing number of potential purchase and click that are positive to get payment. Secondly, search for high commission affiliate programs which will be paid on time.

Moreover, it would be better to redesign the website, if its theme is different from the product you intend too promote. Last but not least, being cooperate with a good affiliate network is significant. Working on affiliate marketing with good networks is not only to have the chance to get profitable offers, but also to be paid on time, because they are legal and under the regulation. There is one of the best affiliate networks to be recommended, Offerde, which is an emerging and powerful network to help marketers make more profits. With it, the affiliates are available to experience different brands and advertisers who can teach some of unique marketing skills for you to get along with affiliate marketing well.