Edge’s weak adoption exerts impacts on declining browser share

February 5, 2016


Microsoft’s Edge is the web browser which is built into Windows 10 and expected to replace the aging Internet Explorer, and attract more users of the new Windows 10 operating system. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a failure and the company decline in the browser share.

Microsoft announced to launch a new browser, Edge together with the Windows 10 operating system in August, 2015. Edge browser is expected to replace the Internet Explorer, which has been used for about 20 years since released.

The company adopts several measures to push Windows 10, and the new operating system has more and more users all around the world,but it doesn’t mean that the built-in browser Edge also enjoys great popularity. The weak adoption of Edge has contributed to the declining of its browser share.

According to the related resources, Edge’s share of the global Windows 10 user base was lower in January than was Internet Explorer’s share of all Windows users. Edge takes up about 26% share of all Windows 10 users. Compared with Edge, Windows 10 user are more likely to use the aging Internet Explorer browser, and IE’s share almost double that of Edge on Windows 10. And the Internet Explorer-only share of all Windows users reach more than 48%.

Suppose Edge had attracted users as many as that of Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft’s overall browser share would have got to 48.4%, seeing a 1.5 % increase rather than 46.9% in actual. The seemingly negligible 1.5% would contribute over 13% of Microsoft’s overall decline in browser user share over the 12 months in last year.

Users who have ditched the outdated IE browser and switched to Window’s Edge complaint that it was frustrating to use Edge browser. Microsoft’s Edge might be more powerful than the aging IE, but it is not perfect now.

Make Fast Cash from Affiliate Marketing Today

January 25, 2016

In recent time, people have noticed that the Internet has gradually played more and more significant role in daily life. Now, the Internet is not only to be entertainment used, but also it can be used to be financial tool. In reality, making money online is not a new thing. Online shopping is well-known by almost everyone. However, there are many other ways to make profits, unlike selling goods. One has to be mentioned is that the affiliate marketing, which is new force in online business. It can be the available way for people to earn some cash online.

Affiliate marketing, as its name shows, is a kind of marketing. Since nowadays finance seems in a downward trend, advertisers intend to cut their promotion fee. Therefore, they find that the Internet is welcomed by everyone, which is positive to promotion. Moreover, the purchase on posting ads online is largely lower that that of traditional media. So they target the Internet to their one of main marketing way. With the increasing need of ads promotion, advertisers intend to invite more people join us to help them advocate the product. That’s initial development of affiliate marketing. Actually, it is similar to traditional marketing. Affiliate marketing, in most cases, it can be connected to CPA marketing. Of course, there are other types offers, like CPS, CPL, and so on.

With CPA(Cost Per Action) offer, people who join affiliate marketing can be paid the action resulting from a lead. Indeed, when visitors click through to the affiliate sponsor and make a purchase, the advertisers will pay network or publishers for such an amount of money. Isn’t it easy? There is no any product inventory to stock or ship, no customers to serve. It seems like a piece of cake to make money from affiliate programs, if people get used to affiliate marketing, they are able to work on several affiliate projects at the same time. There are some tips that websites owners or publishers can follow to increase the possibility of success. To begin with, get lots of traffic visiting the websites which are used for marketing. Large traffic can lead to the increasing number of potential purchase and click that are positive to get payment. Secondly, search for high commission affiliate programs which will be paid on time.

Moreover, it would be better to redesign the website, if its theme is different from the product you intend too promote. Last but not least, being cooperate with a good affiliate network is significant. Working on affiliate marketing with good networks is not only to have the chance to get profitable offers, but also to be paid on time, because they are legal and under the regulation. There is one of the best affiliate networks to be recommended, Offerde, which is an emerging and powerful network to help marketers make more profits. With it, the affiliates are available to experience different brands and advertisers who can teach some of unique marketing skills for you to get along with affiliate marketing well.

Get Paid to Run Online Business, Affiliate Marketing

January 19, 2016

Nowadays, with the Internet taking the increasing part of people’s daily life, the general public have gradually found that the Internet can bring some profits to them. In reality, there are full of opportunities for people to make some extra cash online. People can be available to choose what they want to do, full-time or part-time careers. No matter which kind of job to do can it be successful with endeavors. In my opinion, it is the right time to run online business as the industry is emerging and energetic. Just go to get paid from online marketing, affiliate marketing!

For the reason why there is affiliate marketing, thanks to the soaring development of the Internet. The development makes advertisers notice that it is possible to find a new way to push promotion. Moreover, the Internet takes very important role in life, which is suitable for advertisers to keep promoting, meanwhile, the purchase on advertising online is much cheaper than that of traditional media. However, online advertisement can be a high effect, even better result because of widely use. To promote online, one of most significant factors is that it needs plenty of links or banner. Therefore, some people own their private websites, who intend to make them monetize, and join to the program. In most cases, affiliate marketing seems to mention CPA marketing.

The cycle of marketing mainly includes offers, networks, advertisers and the affiliates or publishers. In brief, to start with, advertisers gives essential information of what they need to push to networks. Then, networks collect the coupon or offer, showing to their publishers who will choose several coupons or offers. They will insert the promotion links into their website, article or anywhere effective to get clink and visit by others. Last bu not the least, publisher can be paid if the link is clinked by visitors or gets sales. That is why people call it CPA, Cost Per Action. Publishers can make profits by those effective actions.

It is possible for people get offer directly from advertisers, not through affiliate network. However, for freshmen, it is advisable to join such a network before starting online marketing. As network can be a platform where there are plenty of resources, offers for publishers to select. With more choices, people can be available to choose some of the high return offers to promote. Besides, the training of how to run online business, affiliate marketing, successfully is pretty important. Most networks will have the training for freshmen to help them get used to marketing quickly. So, cooperating with a good network is beneficial, not only to make profits, but also to learn more background information. There is one of suitable networks to be mentioned, Offerde, especially for freshmen. Getting paid online is not so difficult like what it seems to be, if it runs in a correct way and right method. People will find it is a fast way to earn.

Facebook’s Mentions App is now available for Android users

January 12, 2016

Facebook Mentions
Facebook’s Mentions App provides the service for verified users of the global social network. The Mentions App not works for every one but for those celebrities once, but now news shows that the application comes to serve other users with Android devices.

The app is designed to fulfill specific verified users such as actors, athletes, and some other public figures to share their public status updates, photos and videos with their fans.

It can date back to July 2014 when Facebook released Mentions for iOS, yet it is marketed at “Actors, athletes, musicians, and other influencers.” Everything in Mentions such as photos, videos will be publicly posted for the followers and fans.

Applications for Mac OS X or iOS may be unique for Apple devices sometimes, but Facebook’s Mentions also set a limitation for the users, which is so perplexing. Will such kind of App be popular enough to bring Facebook benefits? This may be difficult to answer. But the good news is that Mentions can be also used in Android devices. Therefore, don’t bother to ditch your Android phones and purchase a new iPhone immediately in order to experience Facebook’s Mentions, the celebrities-dedicated application of the past.

A popular and widely-used application should be available for users with devices based on different operating systems, if Mentions stay semi-open for just celebrities, it will be replaced in some day when there are some alternatives, thus the change that Facebook has made seems irresistible.

Even the admittedly interesting applications on Mac OS X or Windows will face the same fate when the applications can’t meet the demands of users, or even when the applications becomes useless and unwanted, they will be replaced and uninstalled from user’s Mac pro or computers. So what Facebook has done sounds reasonable.

And now, as one of the Android users, you can enjoy the same service as those celebrities now.

Will GoPro, Yahoo and Twitter welcome favorable turns next year?

December 22, 2015

The trend of GoPro, Yahoo and Twitter seems worrisome in the US stock market. Their investors suffered a great loss as well.

MarketWatch made analysis why these three firms suffered share prices decline. It also estimated whether they will weclome the favorable turns in 2016.



In 2015, the share price of GoPro sharply decreased by over 70%. Its share price was under its issue price $24. There is no sign that GoPro will receive the favorable turn.

GoPro reported its latest Earnings in October that its profits worthed less and net profits were far from expectation. For example, the net profit of each share was $0.25, while its expected net profit is $0.29 for each share. It predicted to have a $433 million gross income, while it received $400 million gross income.

It offered special discount for Hero 4 Session to stimulate Christmas holiday sales recently. And Robert W. Baird decreased its target share price from $36 to $18. Morgan Stanley and Citigroup gave GoPro share degradation as well.
MarketWatch pointed out that GoPro might launch new electronic product to hit the market in 2016. However, the space for receiving a favorable turn is limited.


Twitter reported the worst Earnings in April. Its share price suffered great loss since then. And it carried out the staff reduction plan and appointed new CEO this year. The investors concerned its future. But some are positive for its developing.

The montly active users growth of Twitter is only 11% based on its latest report,while the seasonal growth is only 1%. Twitter faces much pressure to obtain more profits.

Concerning the trends of Twitter share in 2015, it has difficulties to receive favorable turns in 2016.


Yahoo’s investors hope to be split-off from Alibaba group. Accroding to the latest news, Yahoo will keep holding about $30 billion worth of Alibaba share in order to avoid high tax burden. It made pressure to Yahoo’s share price.

Yahoo received $271 million for mobile internet service in the past quarter, accounting for 22% of its total revenue in last quarter. However, its expected earnings of 2015 is $4.88 billion, is fewer than the earnings in 2012.

Its digital media encountered troubles as well. For example, its original video plan suffered difficulties. It had to write off $42 million assets.

There will be high risks to invest Yahoo in 2016. Many investors might hold the wait-and-see attitude.

3 IT stories: 2015, a year of transformation and transition

December 15, 2015


Take that, Google! EU files antitrust charges

The European Commission in April charged Google with abusing its dominant position in Internet search services by favoring its own comparison shopping product, Google Shopping. A decision against Google could include a fine of up to 10 percent of the company’s annual revenue. The Commission also opened an antitrust investigation into Android, suspecting Google of abusing its dominant position by, among other things, requiring device manufacturers to bundle Google’s own services and applications with the mobile OS. For Google, the cases strike at the heart of how it controls access to services and generates profit. For some Europeans, it’s a righteous blow against the hegemony of one of the giants of American technology. read more …


Make Money at Home with Affiliate Marketing without Any Spending

December 4, 2015

Nowadays, it is very convenient for people to search opportunities through the Internet before getting started. Even there are some ideas about making money online, the Internet can realize it. Exactly, making money online can be classified into several types, like online sales or affiliate marketing. Taking online sales for granted, it just have the same soul to the traditional sales, which uses the Internet to be the platform or original shop. Why they start to rely on the Internet is that low cost and big consumers base. Without rent and staff payment, there is a considerable money to be saved. In addition, the Internet has gradually becoming more and more significant in daily life. To sale products online can be liable to succeed. Therefore, affiliate marketing can be another potential trend leading to benefit.This time, here is a introduction of making money at home with affiliate marketing without any spend.

It is reasonable to have some knowledge of affiliate marketing before get it into a job, no matter part-time or full-time job. What is affiliate marketing? Why more and more people intend to choose a job in the industry of affiliate marketing? In brief, affiliate marketing is just a new way of promotion online, which is similar to traditional marketing. With any new technology or media, companies quickly realized they had a new opportunity to market their products and services to consumers via the millions of websites they visit every day. Besides there is a new way to promote brands and service with a large amount of potential consumer base. Online marketing can be an effective way for advertisers to cut the cost.

On the counterpart, they are publishers, also the affiliates. With online affiliate marketing, they are all successful to make money from it which only needs to design websites and make some links, even at home. Then, those website owners get compensated back according their hard work. In the primary stage of affiliate marketing, people can choose some easy tasks to get it started and get familiar. For instance, people are encouraged to choose some surveys to do first. Online surveys are very easy to handle even though for a stranger. Gradually, they can think about joining some of affiliate networks which are available to offer more high payment campaigns. With the cooperation on affiliate marketing, undoubtedly, publishers can benefit a lot. In addition to profits, considerate support service and affiliate manager would impress affiliate members.

By the way, there must be some introduction to affiliate network. It can be the linking point, at the present of mostly cases, between advertisers and publishers. For advertisers, it is a platform to present promotion information. For publishers, affiliate network can be the data resource for them to choose favorite offer. Also, inexperienced publishers are encouraged to join some affiliate network, like Offerde, which would teach a lot with its systematic operation. Anyway, affiliate marketing, it really is a job which can be make money at home without ant spend. Why not come to have a try.

Some Tips about Affiliate Marketing

November 13, 2015

In recent years, along with the surging development of the Internet, there are a lot of emerging industries coming to our eyes. After the Internet taking more and more important part in the daily life of general public, like online shopping, news reading, people realized that it is the chance to make a change in work. Therefore, some people think about that it is possible to make profits through the effect of the Internet, except direct sell. As nowadays the cost of good keeping going high, some advertisers are still searching some ways to decrease the cost of promotion. At the same time, some of other people who are not the advertisers, they burst the idea of what if they can make some profits from their existing blog or website. Maybe those online resource can not just to be used in entertainment. Gradually, under so many needs, affiliate marketing, a brand new industry, has set up finally.

It must be very in to work on affiliate marketing in this time. For advertisers, affiliate marketing is amazing to release their financial pressure related to the traditional media promotion. Without those physical goods cost, online promotion can be economical which maybe can get a bigger effect on brand promotion than previous way. More and more advertisers are willing to get started their affiliate marketing programs. For people who own blog or website existing, called as publishers in affiliate marketing industry, they are very happy to see the new industry coming out. One, they can take full advantage of their existing online resource to make profits, and some of them even decide to work on affiliate marketing as their formal job. Most of them, in the first period, regard affiliate marketing as a part time job to earn some pocket money or the job which they can make good use of the blank time.

In affiliate marketing, there are several main elements, affiliate network, affiliate member or the affiliates, and affiliate offer. People are the linking point between the network and offer, no matter advertiser and publisher. Of course, some websites releases the easy projects for personal affiliate to join. In reality, people work on affiliate marketing with affiliate network which will provide systematic management, commission, offer and service. To join affiliate network makes freshmen of affiliate marketing feel easier to get it stared. However, what is the most attractive for people choose to join affiliate network is the offers which are always exclusive to members with satisfying commission. So people should do some research in advanced to know some related issues, like amount of offer, commission, or even referral rate. Inevitably, it is a suitable affiliate network to be recommended, Offerde. It would give people, no matter freshmen or experienced affiliate, the best affiliate marketing experience in guaranteed. Why not come to have a try. Affiliate marketing will surprise the life.

How to Get Started the Affiliate Marketing with A Blog

October 30, 2015

Nowadays, people, especially those young-aged, intend to search the job which is not likely the traditional job to work in regular time and place. They want more freedom in work, no matter in content or style. In the past years, there was a kind of job, called SOHO, which is available for people to work at home at their own time convenient. Or, people can start up their own business which is free of what and when you do totally. With these years development, traditional business have changed a lot. It is to say that there is not only traditional mode. There is a new mode of business, online business. On the foundation of online business, among this emerging industry, several types business develop in a positive strength. Here, it is worthy to introduce a hot topic of online business in recent time, affiliate marketing. In addition, with affiliate marketing, how to earn money from a blog.

In the first place, it is essential to own a private blog. Or if people are not sure for this way of affiliate marketing, they can try out some free blog for a couple of days. When the time is serious, the blog should be in a formal way which includes purchasing a domain name, designing and other preparations. One has to be mentioned that, as it is very significant for the success of affiliate marketing with blog, the affiliates should be serious to set the keywords of their blog. Because the general public has developed a habit of searching that they are more likely to search the answer of unknown thing from the Internet. So, it is an amazing chance for businessmen to catch, the searching market. They should take full advantage of the hot topic keywords to lead more traffic to their sites. Thanks to those carefully selected keywords, maybe the site will display on the front page where it is the dream platform of every online businessman.

Besides the important keywords, the product in promotion is close to the result. In a word, the keywords should be relative to the product, service or anything to be advertised. So, before getting affiliate offer, people should think about an issue that which topic is online visitors likely to search. Then, selecting topic you have some knowledge of or you are interested in. For the reason why people should write articles for promotion. It would be better to make others experience the passion and knowledge through words. On the other hands, there is no need to be an expert to post. Just feel free to do a lot of research and try to fascinate the visitors, and then it is a successful blog post.

In addition, people should cooperate with a suitable partner to start the blog affiliate marketing. A reliable partner can offer the most suitable products, beneficial and profitable. To be with a good partner seems like to get the half of success. For the freshmen of affiliate marketing, affiliate partner is necessary. With it, people will find it much easier to get along with the period of strange in some degrees. If there is no idea of which affiliate network is suitable, here is a recommendation, Offerde. Although there mentions several key points of how to get stared with a blog, it is not so enough to confront with all issues in the real job. Just keep it as a serious job and be cautious to every new issue in the industry of affiliate marketing. Good luck!

Who need a VPN?

October 23, 2015

A VPN is a way to allow you access resources on a network with security when you are not physically connected to this network.

A VPN is useful for most people. Who would need a VPN, really?

read more …