Christ Sacca urged the board of Twitter to appoint new CEO by blogging

September 15, 2015


According to the reports from CNET on September 14, Twitter’s biggest investor once again posted several blogs in order to urge the company to appoint new CEO.

Last Friday, Twitter’s investor Christ Sacca posted a series blogs critized the board of directors that made slow movement for appointing a new CEO, resulting in at an embarrassing stage of without a CEO in the current three months.

In the statement of Christ Sacca’s blogs, he expressed his wished Jack Dorsey,Twitter’s founder, to be the its new CEO. Jack Dorsey has been working as a interrim CEO since the resignment of Dick Costolo early this year.

The board of directors is working on the selection of new CEO, but Sacca suggested the person who is competent should be Jack Dorsey. But there was still no confirmation from its company about this blog until September 14.

So for, Twitter’s financial standing face difficulities and its membership growth becomes slower. The board of directors faces much pressure from the public and inside. Sacca’s criticsm push the board’s pressure even  more. A great many of investors critized Twitter’s senior managerment group failed to attract more new members last year. There was personnel adjustments in its senior management in June, many of the senior managers left Twitter and seeked for new challenges.

It was not the first time that Sacca clamped down to the board by blogging on Twitter. Back to August 7, he posted a lot of blogs on Twitter to support Dorsey. Sacca became its biggest share holder at IPO, 2013

Early this May, he wrote a public letter with 8500 characters to urge the companyto simplify its products and service so that its users can apply them like a cork.

The reason why Twitter made changes in its personnel was that its share prices fell rapidly. Since the middel of August, its share price is just a bit higher than issue price 26 cents, at IPO in 2013.Its share price once exceeded 70 cents in December, 2013, while it droped down to 60 cents in Feb, 2014. Its market quotations have never reached that figures then.

Twitter’s share drawdown was over 1% last Friday, closed at 27.39 cents.

Sacca blamed drawdown of Twitter’s share to its board’s inaction from his statement in the blogs.

Dorsey had been appointed as CEO when Twitter was initially founded in 2006. Dorsey is also working as Square’s CEO at the moment. In his opinion, Dorsey is Twitter’s heart and soul. Sacco feels that Dorsey could be competent with doing double-duty.

How to Improve Your Affiliate Blog or Website?

September 6, 2015

In recent time, more and more people have known this emerging industry, affiliate marketing. Most of them have joined the affiliate marketing already, becoming affiliates or advertisers. in the beginning, before starting affiliating, almost everyone has searching the best affiliate network or the best affiliate partner to make it easier to access into the industry. However, it is advisable that people should take some actions to improve your affiliate blog or website at the same time. Only to focus on affiliate partner may be not workable. Therefore, there are a bit of advice that how to improve your affiliate blog or website.

In nowadays affiliate marketing industry, website or blog promotion is an inevitable element. Meanwhile, it is the one of the most effective ways to earn money from CPA offer. To build a site to be used in affiliate marketing is a bit difficult. But, once you have done it, the site would be an earning machine. If you have the sites already, do something to improve them is essential. Anyway, just do something right now.

In the first place, visualizations is direct and important to website readers or visitors. Sometimes, the first different expression may cause the different result. From the professional advice, to improve homepage visualizations, people can insert photos or videos into the pages. As fact turns out, readers can reach a better experience when the homepage includes suitable videos or photos. Those content may prolong the time that visitors stay on your site. It would be possible for they to notice your affiliate offer. If those extra contents are related to the offer you promote, it will get a better impact. To improve the visualizations of homepage is the most frequent choice for people to choose to improve the site. In fact, it really works.

One of effective ways to improve the affiliating website or blog, is to add plugin. If people use content management for the website, plugins can benefit by providing new features in the back while other can improve the readers’ experience when they are visiting your site. You should check the newly released plugins to used in your site. One has to be mentioned, plugins can be called as the necessary component which can make your affiliating site reach an improvement.

In addition, to improve site, people can search the ways from other aspects, like SEO, speed of site, your social network, and so on. To make a better affiliate result, people should take little time frequently to accelerate. Make sure you are setting your images to eliminate and necessary load times that users may experience. Check to see that all plugins are up to date to take a full advantage. Details can decide if it will be successful or not. Of course, to run a successful affiliate marketing, a good affiliate network plays a significant role. Offerde, is one of the best affiliate networks to be cooperated with. Get started to take something to improve your affiliating job.

How to Work on Affiliate Marketing

August 16, 2015

If you have a website or blog already, and you have the idea of earning some pocket money. It is advisable for you to take full advantage of your online property. For people who want to make money online, the existing sites is the valuable resource for somebody who can use it correctly. In a word, if looking for some programs to make profits, why not consider affiliate marketing programs? In reality, affiliate marketing is an emerging industry which is not so familiar with all the general public. Therefore, we can discuss some tips for how to work on affiliate marketing in this article.

In the first place, people who are interested in it would better to have a general idea of affiliate marketing. Initially, it is just a revenue sharing plan that webmaster can get profits from inserting the advertisement button or banner into the website page. Gradually, more and more webmasters and advertisers find that it is a not-bad commercial cooperation mode. Because after years financial crisis, many advertisers had searched an effective way to cut the cost of promotion which is likely to reach the target. That is putting the advertisement online, at same time, sale it online. It really is a relatively economical way to decrease purchase. So they need many people to help them improve the online promotion. On the other hand, there is an amazing chance for those webmasters who own sites and are willing to monetize it.

After a general idea, let’s see the other details. From the former, affiliate marketing consists of advertisers, webmasters, and affiliate programs. One has to be mentioned, as such a large amount of advertisers, there is a useful partners taking up, affiliate network. Affiliate network, seems like a platform to help webmasters collect many of commercial information. It is a significant linking point between advertisers and website owners, which is make a extremely good effect on saving the two parts’ time. No matter people want to promote or earn money online, can they just get to affiliate network directly, getting or publishing the information. So people who intend to run a online affiliate marketing must to join an suitable affiliate network, which can help you a lot.

Then, selecting affiliate programs is matters. It will make an affect on how much money you can earn. An automated marketing program where a web advertiser recruits webmasters to place the merchant’s banner ads or buttons on their own Web site. Webmasters will receive a referral fee or commission from sales when the customer has clicked the affiliate link to get to the merchant’s Web site to make the purchase. Besides the payment, people can take some factors into consideration, like the kinds of products.

Before people getting started into affiliate marketing, it is advisable to read much related information through the Internet or other resources for knowing this industry well. This article I think maybe a little useful, but still far from getting a full knowledge. Practice would teach you the lessons more than other ways. Where there is a will, there is a way! After all, affiliate marketing is called as a low-invested industry so just take it easy and have a try. Good luck!

How to Successfully Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

July 24, 2015

Nowadays, there are so many people who are very curious about how to run an online business or how to run a successful online business asking about questions like that. As we all know, opinions differs in different people. Everyone should search for the unique way which is the most suitable for that person to run his business. However, there must be some of the tips owns the similarities. Here, what we want to discuss are some of the similarities for how to successfully make money online with affiliate marketing.

Firstly, people should know, making money online, even to be a success one, is not a simple zero sum game. Online business, owns series of kinds that every kind includes many links to connect and communicate with each other, like affiliate marketing. But, online business is much easier than traditional business in some degrees. Because of the lower investment in the initial stage, people shoulder the lighter financial pressure. The one, to make money online, to run an online business, is very flexible in time and place.

To make it as a successful one, it is not enough to just build up mental preparation. Making money online must think about some practical issue in advanced. For example, which type of online marketing you want to have a try? How to start an online business with affiliate marketing? Briefly, affiliate marketing is to make your own online space monetize, your website or blog. People can freely choose what they like to make profits from their sites, direct sell, affiliate offers, or online service. No matter what kind of business to choose, people should redesign the site to fit it. Just try your best to attract customers by your slogan or design and then they click the links or purchase the product. Different types of business mode own special commission rules.

In addition, making money online must be cautious to lots of details. For example, every affiliate partner may have his commercial style, so people would better have a good communication with those advertisers, affiliate partners. One to be mentioned, if people want to treat affiliate marketing as the full-time job, it is advisable to not to quit your precious job at once. The smooth transition seems better than the sharp change. Then, the issue of special merchant account, SEO, and so on is worthy to be focused on.

Before getting started on an online business with affiliate marketing to make money, it is available for people to collect information from the resource you can achieve. Maybe, Offerde can answer some of your questions. To see how those people can run it successfully, or to see what they do to prepare in the initial stage, to know what you want to know more about affiliate marketing, that will be helpful for you in the future decision in degrees. Making money online is a job full of challenges, however, no one would be fail in online business only if they have a right track. So taking some time to have a good prepare, just start your online business with affiliate marketing. Good luck!

How to Start an Online Business

Have you noticed that there is an emerging career coming into our daily life ultimately. Yes, almost no one will not know it, online business. For example, online shopping, one of the most popular styles of online business. Those advertisements in many blogs or websites, are another style of online business. And, some of links inserted in many websites which lead to purchasing pages is online business. Now, do you have a general image of what is online business? Nowadays, more and more people intend to start an online business. Therefore, a new question, how to start an online business? Here is some of suggestions.

First, online business can be treated as a full-time job, or you can just work it as your part-time job to earn extra money. See, how flexible the job is. The flexibility, it will not means that online business can act it totally free. Online business is a job which always needs hard work and input too. In honest, none of the job, will be repaid without enough investment, not only financial investment. But, most of people still want to have a try of online business, to experience a much more flexible job. Free from time and place limit, it is the most obvious factor of online business.

Then, to start an online business, the existing online space is essential, a blog or a website. In briefly, the website is your online virtual storefront, to sell your products which can be real product, information, or services. It is not so enough to just build up a site. People should design the site to fit the special business style after when you have decided what kind of online business you want to join. Different business mode must have some different promotion style, by some details inserted in sites. People needs to find which way can upgrade your traffic or revenue gradually.

Meanwhile, people who want to start it well can do some market research to find what others really need among the whole market. To aim at the most necessary part, it will be much easier to start and get it success. Because to meet the market need surely, what is to take customers’ fancy is an effective way to boost your success opportunity. If the market research matches your interest, you are lucky to do what you like. If there are some conflicts between the two, interest and interest, it needs you to have a good balance.

In addition, there should be many details to be carefully treated, such as the issue of how to select business partner. No one can tell you all the things you should do in a time. It is useful to search the right directions by all the resources you can get. To see how those people can run it successfully, or to see what they do to prepare in the initial stage, to know what you want to know more about affiliate marketing, that will be helpful for you in the future decision in degrees. Or, you can learn some from Offerde. And just feel free to have a try, cautiously, carefully. Learn the lessons from real life. Good luck.

How to Make Money with CPA Online

May 28, 2015

With the Internet gradually becoming a necessary part of our daily life, more and more people get started to realize that there are many opportunities to make money online. Therefore, most the young plan their career around the Information Industry. Working in IT field, there still are two different situations. One, people choose to get a full time job. The other, people just do it in the spare time for extra money. Among all the online part-time workers, many of them are becoming CPA marketers. And you, who is seeing this article, can try starting your own online marketing business.

CPA, is the abbreviation of “Cost Per Action”, which it means when someone is paid for an action from a lead. CPA is now the emerging sector in the Information Industry, turning much more popular in those recent years. Thanks for some experienced marketers had seen its special value. With the CPA marketing offers, you don’t need to sale any thing like traditional marketers. This kind of online marketing is to sale your advertisement space but not product in your own website. Also, known by most online marketers, the most popular one, it is called affiliate marketing, which is trough affiliate CPA program to make profits.

Why CPA is so popular now? Its convenience leads to success. Besides free from making actually sale, CPA marketers just need to collect some leads such as email, name, address and so on. It is the most effective way of earning money from affiliate offer. See, CPA, it really is an easy, quick way to make money online. Becoming a online CPA marketer is not so difficult as somebody might think. The essential element is owing a blog or quality website before you sign up as the affiliate member of some affiliate network or company. After thinking about the terms, if there reaches an agreement on you and the counterpart, the affiliate partner relationship is done.

Of course, in the earlier time, you should know the company or network well. A good, legitimate company or network is significant for you who want to be a CPA marketer. You must make sure that it would play by rules and pay you for your actions. Don’t forget, to be a CPA marketer intends to make profits. So, a high rate of return and instant commission are the inevitable elements to check. In addition, a good company or network will frequently provide series of offers with you to choose. It means that you will have a lot of opportunities after joining fine affiliate program. To choose a suitable company or network, is to earn the satisfied profit. By the way, Offerde can be the worthy choice.

To make money online with CPA is just a simple job that can make someone who owns a blog or website to realize its financial value. Although it is not difficult, you should be cautious to focus some details. They can have an effect on your part-time career more or less. Whatever, make a full advance preparation before start CPA marketing, and then you may appreciate its fun and return. Good luck!

CPA Network, Popular Way to Make Money Online

May 21, 2015

Today, CPA network has gradually become a popular way to make money online. Although it is a new mode related to traditional business mode, with its easy operation and quick return, lots of people who have their own website and blog tend to choose join a CPA network to make profits. Thanks to the development of the Internet, making money online with CPA is really simple. Just start to try doing the first online business, very simple to run. Come on!
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9 Factors About Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

April 10, 2015

Recently, there are lots of rumors about Google’s upcoming mobile-friendly update. It is time to make sense of bits of reliable information from several resources. Online marketers will find your answers to the nine key questions of the update according to the following introduction.

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Figuring out and fixing winsol.dll error

December 15, 2014


I think maybe you have met winsol.dll errorfor several times since you click into this article. And you want to fix the winsol.dll error and speed up your computer right? It is necessary to know why you get the annoying winsol.dll errors in order to fix the winsol.dll error completely and prevent it from occurring again.

What winsol.dll error is like?
The winsol.dll errors are normally shown when Windows starts up, wthe massage often displayed like this: “. Procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library winsol.dll”.

This error is normally caused by a mismatch of two separate winsol.dll files on your PC. According to Microsoft, there should be only one version of this file on your computer and the likelihood is that other programs, have installed their own version of the file on your system which then causes the error. Oe, incorrect dll file entries in the operating system’s registry.

Troubleshooting winsol.dll error:
1. The most common way to fix winsol.dll error is to repair the dll file manually, you should download the file from a reliable website, install it and register it in windows system. It could be very complicated for common computer users. Later , we use registry cleaner to fix winsol.dll error. Today we have a better choice. The advanced PC tech searches and develops programs that are specialized at fixing dll file automatically.

2. Start> Run, enter msconfig in RUN, and then find column c / windows / system / winsol.1dll in the command in the “start” page, then look at the position displayed behind the “Location” column, it should be open automatically relying on registry, and then there are two ways, first, directly remove the hook in front of it, click and restart your computer, OK, but this method is not that good, because after starting the “System Configuration utility” will appear again. You can do like the following: Start> Run, type regedit to open the Registry Editor, and then follow the position displayed in”Position” column to find the startup items, delete, OK.

Computer blue screen fix tips

December 2, 2014

Computer blue screen, also known as Blue Screen of Death, or called BSoD, which is a screen image when Microsoft’s Windows operating systems can not recover from a system error, in order to protect your computer data file is destroyed and forced to be displayed. Blue screen has become the iconic prompt screen of Windows operating system . read more …