It’s unkown that: whether ChromeSnifferPlus is more advanced?

October 31, 2014

New has been confirmed that, in this afternoon, ChromeSnifferPlus plugin officially landed on Chrome Web Store.

Online installation address:

Chrome detector can detect open source software is being used or js library, it’s claimed to be “developers must have”.

Sniff web framework and javascript libraries run on browsing website.

Through this plugin, you can detect:
javascript libraries: jQuery, ExtJS, Angular, etc.
Common web service: Baidu statistics, cnzz, Google Analytics, etc.
Web frameworks: WordPress, phpBB, Drupal, MediaWiki, etc.
Server Environment: PHP, Apache, nginx, etc.
When you install this plug-in to browse the Web, you can also find more unknown frameworks and libraries.
If you find library can not be detected, you can create issues.

This update includes:
Reconstruction of a section of code, enhancing the performance of the plug-ins.
Adding the detection of a variety of new library: Highcharts, YUI 3, Zepto.js, Tengine


ChromeSnifferPlus is released under the GPL License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.

Part of the chrome users will try to install a lot of plug-ins, but there are some plug-ins are hidden in the browser which you can not see, there are also some that you see, but may only use once and no longer use again. These plug-ins will reduce the efficiency of the browser to a certain extent, therefore, we need to remove some low usage plug.
Simple method: In the upper right corner of the browser, find the plugin you want to delete, then press the right mouse button in the pop-up menu, select Delete, done. This method simple but not work every time. If the above method failed, then a pro uninstaller definitely perfectly remove plugins without failing you.

Watch out! ATM could contain MALWARE!

October 27, 2014

Kaspersky Principal Security Researcher Vicente Diaz believes that there is a possibility that the crooks have connection to a person working in the bank that it robs.

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How to uninstall and re-install the AMD Graphics Driver

October 20, 2014

I’ve seen a lot of people complainning online about the problem that AMD graphics driver can not be uninstalled, which leads to more PC novices reject to use AMD. Here is a brief explanation: read more …

JPMorgan hacker chase sounded the alarm to the White House and Wall Street

October 9, 2014


Foreign media on Wednesday published an article that President Barack Obama and the United States National Security Advisor has received the regular briefing about JPMorgan Chase and other nine large financial companies suffered large-scale hacker attacks from this summer, this latest initiative aims provide updated information about the hacker attacks to the highest U.S. national security officials, just the same as these officials receive information about the update information of the “Islamic State” (ISIS) Russian invasion of Ukraine. read more …

IE12 codenamed Spartan, has been included in Windows 9

September 19, 2014


There is an application called zSpartan in Windows 9 technical preview leakage, Mary Jo Foley news source said Spartan is the code name of next version of Internet Explorer (IE12). MJ Foley dug up some potentially relevant information from Microsoft recruitment and Microsoft Research Web site. read more …

Cities in future days – what happens if lights go out?

September 15, 2014

In the beginning of an eight-week series of essays about how technology is changing our residence, Jane Wakefield asks whether a city that is plugged into the Internet is vulnerable to hackers.

The nightmare scenario that has had government executives and city leaders biting their fingernails for decades has come true. Chicago is under attack by hackers.

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Windows 9 Release Date

September 12, 2014

What do you think Windows 9? What can Windows fans expect? How will Windows 9 change us all? read more …


The neglected mobile security market

September 5, 2014


Celebs iCloud photo leak incident is seemingly far away from us, but in fact who knows whether our information will be leaked or not? Mobile Security is currently the biggest crisis in smartphone ecosystem, as well as a huge market to be ignored. You may say,we have a variety of mobile guards and assistants in the current market? No, this is still totally inadequate. read more …

Samsung is likely to release the first head-mounted VR device Project Moonlight

August 21, 2014


Foreign technology website The Verge reported that Samsung is likely to release a head-mounted virtualized reality equipment Project Moonlight on the Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin, Germany on September 3, Galaxy Note 4 may also appear together. read more …

Light blogging father Tumblr: Hash has supported 23,000 blogging requests / sec.

August 6, 2014


Tumblr was founded in 2007, which is currently the world’s largest light blogging site with more than 196 million blogs, 93 billion posts. Meanwhile, the site Blogging request has reached to 23,000 per second. Recently, the company’s Web site reliability engineer Michael Schenck announced its architecture design on HighScalablity.

In Tumblr, blog is the largest part of the website traffic. In tumblelogs, the height cushioning performance is a very important feature. This is not easy given the high views / post ratio supported by Tumblr, Let’s check the supporting infrastructure of tumblelogs.

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