Line CEO confirmed that acquired Vine was a rumor

November 10, 2016

Messaging apps Line and Vine look like a couple. Their video sharing features are welcomed by users. Line and Vine are good options no matter in chatting or video sharing experience. However, Takeshi Idezawa, Line CEO claimed at World Internet Summit 2016 that it was a rumor to acquired Vine. His statement broke the former rumors.

Line issued the IPO this year and raised $ 1.1 billion. The analysts assumed that Line would make full use of the cash in hand to acquire Vine and other video companies. Takeshi Idezawa addressed that the video business growth of Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan would be extremely important to Line.

He said:” it is less than one year that we provide video live broadcast service for users. We have obtained over 20 million monthly active users in Japan so far.”Besides video live broadcast, Line also has a virtually make-up tool Looks, selfie tool B612 and Snow.

Idezawa considered video is an important method to attract more users for Line and enhance users viscosity and spending time. To support its proposal, Line put more ads to make profit. So far, the advertising revenue accounts for 40% of its total revenue, while network games accounts for 30% and emoji sales and offline stores sales account for 20%. The Q2 revenue of Line eached 33.9 billion yen and Q3 revenue increased to 35.9 billion yen.

Line focuses on the development of Japanese, Thai, Indonesian Taiwanese markets judged by the emphasis of users viscosity. It will give up the competition of with Facebook and iMessaging from Amercian market.

Line has about 22 million monthly active users so far, increased by 3.7% yoy. Its growth rate reached 20% in four focused markets. Idezawa announced to establish two venture capital funds in California and France.

Qualcomm is negotiating to acquire NXP Semiconductors NV

September 30, 2016

The Wall Street Journal reported that Qualcomm is negotiating with NXP Semiconductors NV for the acquisition. This acquisition may be reach $ 30 billion or more and done in two or three months. However, it also has risk in failure as Qualcomm is seeking for other merging options.


NXP is the developer of NFC technology whose monitor is widely used by mobile devices, such as iPhone 6, 6s,iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Nexus 6P.

Qualcomm headquarter locates in San Diego and its capitalization value is about $93 billion.

To react the slowdown increase and intense competition in the market, chip manufacturers are seeking mergers and acquisitions to cut down their manufacturing expenses. 2015 was an important year for acquisitions, such as Intel made some acquisitions as well. NXP did acquire Freescale for $ 11.8 billion last year.

According to the statistics provided by Dealogic, the transactions made in chip industry have been over $ 75 billion this year. The layout of acquisition scale for tech industry is predicted to reach $ 463 billion this year. A few months ago, Japanese Softbank Corp acquired ARM for $32 billion.

The acquisition of NXP will basically change Qualcomm development. It has been facing much challenges in semiconductors industry in recent years, including the increase space in smartphone business. The main revenue of Qualcomm is from design business and chip sales, but over half of profit it makes is from the payment of wireless patent paid by mobile manufacturers.

This acquisition will increase the amount of Qualcomm employees. Qualcomm had 33,000 employees by September of 2015. NXP has 45,000 employees so far. NXP headquarter locates in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Its chip business is mainly for vehicle system, ID card and Bus card. It made $6.1 billion in revenue, therein $1.5 billion was profit in 2015.

NXP became the world biggest vehicle chip manufacturer 6 months after it acquired Freescale. NXP is mainly investing on Near Field Communication, NFC technology. Now NFC is integrated to some smartphones to realize mobile payment.

Google VR Daydream will come soon

August 25, 2016

It is reported that Google will release its VR platform Daydream in a few weeks.


Google has been preparing for the cooperation with other companies to accomplish content creation so that there will be content support when Daydream releases.

Will Daydream be another Google Play Store?

Judged by its current performance, Google plans to promote Daydream platform via app store and game content.

Google claimed there would be a series of its own products on Daydream when it introduced this platform at 2016 Google I/O conference, including the VR special versions of Street View, Youtube, Photos and Play Movies.

Google has been cooperating with many celebrities on YouTube to make 360°videos. It also teamed up with EA, Ubisoft and NBA. What’s more, Google will

do Hulu a favor to promote some of its projects. It was reported that Hulu would release newly video on Daydream.

Will Daydream pave the way to VR?

Google will make reference designs for VR headsets after Daydream releases. Daydream will make a standard setting for mobile VR which will be a great help to game manufacturers. It is a win-win strategy for Google and content creators.

Google released Google Cardboard years ago,it strengthened the impression of Google VR. Daydream is another platform that Google aims to popularize VR technology to users. Samsung Gear VR is a rival of Google Daydream. However, Gear VR must be applied with specific Samsung smartphones which limits its promotion.

In Q2 2016, Android mobile devices accounted for 86.2%. Daydream has advantages to be widely popularized.

Google announced at Google I/O conference that more mobile modules of Samsung, HTC, Asus, Huawei,LG, Xiaomi and ZTE would support DayDream.

Pinterest will launch Image Search app for online shopping

July 7, 2016

Pinterest was established six years ago. It has been trying to release more new products for the public. In order to help users to make easier online shopping, Pinterest plans to launch an Image Search app which offers convenience for users.


Pinterest claimed that it would make full use of the mobile photograpy technology to launch an Image Search App in a few months. With this new app, users only need to photography the items with the smartphone camera, then the app will search it from billions of goods online so that it could make a match for users.

The final goal of Pinterest that release this app is to help users shop online easier and buy whateve they wish.

If it works, Pinterest Image Search app will bring a new shopping experience for consumers. In the meanwhile, this app will help Pinterest makes more profit. Its major income is from Advertising. With the new app, Pinterest will be a new platform of E-commerce.

Pinterest is on the point of persuading users to accept this new technoloy. Many of companies have been trying to develop such technology for years. However, the effect did not meet the expectation. In fact, if Pinterest makes a success, its competitiveness will be strenghtened.

The restailers have sold about 10 million items which advertised on Pinterest so far. But Pinterest had not made profit from those deals. Pinterest hoped the new app could attract more retailers to increase their advertising budget.

As is reported, Pinterest received $ 100 million income from 55 million active advertisers last year.

There are similar applications such as and Pounce and Craves. The latter two Image shopping apps Pounce and Craves belong to Canadian comany Slyce which both have 5.5 million users.

Neiman Marcus, who has been using Slyce technology, claimed this image search sounded reasonable. It helps users to find the fixed items by photograpying. But the image search accuracy rate is the problem for developing such technology. If the accuracy rate is under 90%, the consumers would rather not use it.

Pinterest has been working hard to increase its accuracy rate. It still has a few months to make improvement.

Facebook impacts greatly on people’s daily life

May 13, 2016

Facebook became a hot topic this week again. Its former editor complained it blocked the advantage news to the conservative party. The conservative party concerned this news as it was unfair and it may bring some bad impact to the party.


The monthly active users of Facebook have been increased to 1.65 billion from 1.59 billion in late of 2015. In Northern American region, its monthly active users have increased to 222 million from 219 million in late of 2015.

If users’ news feeds were controlled by Facebook, it will affect many people’s opinions.

According to a survey did by Pew Research Center and Knight Foundation in 2015, about two-thirds of Facebook users love to read news on Facebook.

Facebook denied that it blocked the news which are in conservative’s party. It claimed that there was no evidence to prove that this accusation was true. This event declared that Facebook’s action will make great impact on the world as it is greatly in use.

There are figures showing Facebook could make great impact on people’s daily life.

Facebook’s daily active users are over 1 billion. This figure is about a seventh of worldwide population. Its daily active users reached 1 billion last August. Mark Zuckerberg was excited to announce this news on his Facebook account. By this March, Facebook’s daily active users had increased to 1.09 billion.

Facebook are more popular than Bible. The frequency of reading on Facebook is higher than people read Bible. Gallup claimed that only 37% of Americans read Bible at least once each day/ week. However, Pew Research Center reported that about 56% of Americans read their news feeds on Facebook each week.

About 25% of Americans visit Facebook when they are using bathroom. And people spend much time in reading Facebook than they spend for personal hygiene.

10 % of Americans usually check Facebook feeds during midnight. Pew Research Center reported that over half of 65 years old netizens are using Facebook.

Federal cyber: WIndows users need to quit QuickTime

April 19, 2016


The cyber readiness team that is part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has suggested Windows users removing Apple’s QuickTime media player from their computers.

“Computers running QuickTime for Windows will continue to work after support ends,” US-CERT wrote in an advisory published Thursday. “However, using unsupported software may increase the risks from viruses and other security threats. Potential negative consequences include loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data, as well as damage to system resources or business assets. The only mitigation available is to uninstall QuickTime for Windows.” read more …

The best Easter Egg in Grand Theft Auto V : Tornado

April 12, 2016


I just bought the No.1 on Steam Sales Chart game Grand Theft Auto V. Of course you can figure it out form the name of this game, there must be tons of fancy cars in it. After buying lot of sports cars and a limo, I am never satisfied, I stated to find some unusual and special cars online. How to define unusual and special? Unusual and special cars are the cars you can’t buy in the game. If you want one, you must complete some missions or stand on the spot at a specific time, waiting for an NPC in the car you really want pass by.

Today, I would offer a tutorial of how to get Tornado in GTA5. Tornado is one of the best Easter Eggs in GTA5 I think. It’s from the movie Thelma & Lovise. This car with two guitars in the back seat is really cool, and not many people know how to get it.


Here’s the tutorial:

First, I must tell you the car only show on the cliff at every 19:00 (in the game). The picture of the spot I’ve showed you below. So, you should get on the mountain near the cliff before 19:00. Pleas pay attention, never keep looking at the cliff, if you do, the car would never show. I don’t know why.


Next, at 19:00, turn around, you would find two girls are in the Tornado chasing by many police cars and choppers. Now, use your sniper to shoot the two girls (I am so sorry), or they would drive the car rush down the cliff just like Thelma and Lovise did in the movie. So, do it quickly. Shoot them before they driving down the cliff.

The final step, get rid of the cops and get into Tornado, drive it to the Los Santos Customs to buy insurance for it. The car is totally yours.

That’s all for today, I would share more about games later. Thank you.

Several excellent PC games

March 30, 2016

When you feel like spending some time by relaxing activities. I strongly recommend you some really excellent and epic PC games, including free games and ones charged.

Here I have a list of good games to offer to you.

1. Heroes of the Storm


This is a game created by Blizzard. It’s a bit more approachable than either Dota2 or League of Legends. Blizzard is a really wonderful game company, it created Word of Warcraft which is already more than 10 years old and has become the most popular online game in the world.

On the other hand, Blizzard seems more willing to experiment too—like adding a two-headed ogre controlled by two different players at the same time. Call it gimmicky, call it innovative, it’s at least different.

2. Hearthstone


Hearthstone is a collectible card game also developed by Blizzard and based on the WarCraft universe.

You must choose your cards and use you skills wisely to beat your enemies. Blizzard’s been adding new content to the game at a prodigious pace, and is currently (at the time of writing) in the process of releasing the new League of Explorers adventure, with all new cards and mechanics. Anyway, it is worth trying.

3. Fallout 4


Fallout 4 is an action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The fifth major installment in the Fallout series, the game was released worldwide on November 10, 2015 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

This is a survival mode kind of game. You must try your best to collect useful material and weapons as soon as possible to be alive and make you own story in the game.  I love Fallout 4.

4. Grand Theft Auto V


Grand Theft Auto V has already been on Steam. I don’t want GTA5, I gotta have it!

Grand Theft Auto V is an open world, action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.

Compared to the previous editions of GTA, GTA5 offered players online mode this time, also you can create your own character to run your world in the game. Trust me, you can never say no to GTA5!

I totally guarantee, you must be in love with one of them!



Microsoft canceled Windows 8’s patch privileges

March 22, 2016


Let me ask you guys, are you a Windows users? Are  you using Windows 8 and satisfied with it? But, no matter yes or no,  there is a  big quetion down there is waiting for you to answer.

Windows 8, Microsoft’s 2012 flop now has already been taken of shelves from all support, putting 48 million users who still run the three-year-old operating system in a dilemma: update to Windows 8.1 or risk being hacked.

On 12th Jan 2016, Microsoft wouldn’t offer updates for windows 8 any more and the company will not provide technical support for operating system.

The deadline of updates has been known more than two years ago when Windows 8.1 came out first. If Windows 8 users want to continue to receive official updates, they must update to windows 8.1 which is 2013 free edition available in the Windows store.

Windows 8’s and 8.1’s user share, a rough estimate of the number of the devices running the OS. In mid-June, Windows 8 powered 63 million machines, Windows 8.1 226 million.


We can see that from the chart, Windows 8 still powers more than 1 in 5 of the devices running although that OS or Windows 8.1 free follow-up, 48 million machines ran Windows 8 in December 2015.

Since Windows 10’s first appearance in people’s sight, the Windows 8-Windows 8.1 user share has declined , with the largest contraction credited to 8.1 has dropped by 21%. It contributes to the users of Windows 8.1 devices can update directly to Windows 10, while Windows 8 users aren’t able to.

If the Windows 8 users want to get support again, they have to update Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 which is not enough. Then the users must have a second update from that to Windows 10. Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro are capable of the free Windows 10 update.

It seems that Microsoft has given users a long-term update task. So, if you are a Windows 8 user, what’s your choice? Update or get in a risk?

How to defend your Mac from ransomware KeRanger

March 10, 2016

Early in March, researchers found that there is a ransomware targeting Mac users. BitTorrent software for Mac OS X has been infected by the ransomware, which is named KeRanger.

FileCoder was the only well-known ransomware targeted at Apple users, which was found in 2014. Up to now, Keranger will be the second one. The difference is that FileCoder is not so mature when it was discovered, yet KeRanger is said to be the first ransomware with complete functions.

Anyone who has just downloaded BitTorrent Transmission during 11 a.m., March 4 to 5 p.m. March 5, 2016, may get infected. Now that the ransomware KeRanger is dangerous, what Mac users can do to safeguard their machines?

As for those who downloaded Transmission through a third-party website before March, they had better carry out a security check as bellow.

To take a surefire way to protect your Mac, you can choose to completely uninstall Transmission from your Mac no matter when and where you download the App.